Gambling Tipping Etiquette

As a regular practice, you always tip your waiter or delivery boy out in the ‘real’ world. Unfortunately, when it comes to tipping etiquette inside a casino, most players are unsure of the correct way to tip.

Most people tend to tip too much or too little, so we will try to give you some guidance when it comes to gambling tipping etiquette, including who and how much you should be tipping.

There are a large number of staff members within the casino environment who are considered part of the ‘tipping’ tree –from the valet who parks your car through to the pit boss in control of where you play.

Are there Rules Covering How Much and When You Should Tip?

There are no rules about tipping – although there are many conventions across the world of casinos. US casinos expect tipping to occur, but in Europe, it is less so. Most players will tip relating to the actual service they receive.

How Much Should You Tip the Service Staff?

This is just part of the staff at the casino that is there to try and make your time as pleasant as possible:

The Valet

Most large casinos will require that you let their valet staff look after your vehicle – parking on arrival and bringing the car to you on departure. 

Tipping on arrival or departure is a personal choice. We consider a departing tip is the best option; this way, you can ensure the person with your keys receives the tip.

Your Bartender, Waiter or Waitress

Most large casinos have a large wait staff bringing typically free drinks to the table. If your drinks are free, there is no requirement to tip high. 

Some players have been known to use tipping as a ‘chat-up line’ but it rarely, if ever, works. An average tip for a free drink is $1 or $2 unless the bartender has to spend time making a complicated potion, then $5 is more realistic. 

When dealing directly with the bartender, your tip should be relative to the cost of your drinks order. For small orders tip a few bucks, but for a large or elaborate order the tip should reflect the effort your bartender has put into it.

The Game Attendants

In reality, game attendants only do something worthy of a tip if you have a significant win or maybe the jackpot. If you have a big win, then tipping $10-$20 would be considered the norm. 

However, if you hit the jackpot they will have to complete a lot of paperwork on your behalf so you may feel inclined to tip a more considerable amount.

Your Dealer

Most players tend only to tip their dealers when they are winning. It’s your choice whether to tip once you have finished playing or after a run of wins. 

An alternative to the tipping of cash is to place a bet ‘for the dealer’ – if it wins, they get more than your original tip and is an often preferred practice.

The Pit Boss

Most patrons will tell you that a pit boss does not receive tips; however, if they ‘comp’ you something – such as a meal or room for the night– it would be considered the right thing to do to tip them $20 or so.

The Cashier

The final tipping decision you will have to make — unless you have decided to tip your valet on departure– is the Cashier converting your chips into cash. 

There are a couple of options – do I or don’t I? If you decide to tip either give them your preferred amount or you could use a much-practised system of tipping the odd dollar amount after conversion. 

For example, if you win $27 then tip $2 or $7, if you convert $338 then tip $3 or $8 or if you win $55 or $100 then tip $5.

In Conclusion

You should remember that tipping is usually a response to receiving excellent or exceptional service, although modern society is tending towards a tip regardless of the quality process. The value you decide to tip is your choice and not other patrons’ of the casino. It is advised to have pre-determined your tipping regime before you arrive to make the transactions much more comfortable and smoother.

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