Popular Gambling Superstitions of Casino Players

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Gambling Superstitions have been around for hundreds of years. Just like sports stars playing in their favourite socks or stockbrokers crossing their fingers it just needs to bring you luck once to take an effect. This strange human behaviour is commonly associated with gambling in all its forms. We look at the facts behind them and the realistic factors you need to consider before playing for real money.


When Is the Best Time to Play Slot Machines Online

There are many beliefs around the world as to when is the best time to play the slots, or as we say in Australia ‘the pokies’. So many that players mostly don’t know the exact answer.
To try and work this one out for everyone, here you will find some of the popular ideas when it comes to when the best time to play slot machines online is.

Best Time to Go to a Casino During the Week

Yes, jackpots are entirely random, but there is some truth to the idea that it is best to play at a casino during the week at the busiest times.
More players placing bets means that theoretically, some slot machines should be paying out to keep up with payout percentages with more players pumping coins into them.
This won’t increase your odds of winning, but it will make the jackpot pay sooner to someone.

No Jackpot for a While

If the Jackpot hasn’t been won for some time, then common belief is that it is due soon or the slot is ‘loose’.
While they typically do pop for some lucky player when the jackpots get around this amount, it doesn’t you will be that person. This is where Gambling Supersituations really cannot do anything for you.

Volatility of Slots

It is vital to know how slots work, specifically, what high volatile and low volatile slots are. If you do not understand what these terms are, then we recommend you read our article on understanding slot volatility.
Simply put, highly volatile slots will pay out far less but for much higher amounts whereas low volatile slots will payout lower numbers but much more frequently.

Best Time of Day to Play Online Slots

Slot machine games are controlled by random number generators just like you random.com a website that has heaps of them. They are made up of their software code designed to give a random uncontrolled and undetermined outcome.
Unfortunately, this means that there is no ideal time of the day to play online slots because every spin is unique and is not affected by the turn before or after.
In reality, the best time to play online pokies is when you are feeling relaxed and can play uninterrupted. In the case of playing at a brick-and-mortar casino, go when suits you. If you don’t like it when it is busy, stay home and play online!

Play Online Slots When You Feel In the Mood

Luck is a significant factor in whether you win or not. If you are feeling in the mood or feeling lucky, maybe you should put your gut to the test and play online slots.
If you focus on playing slots online whenever you are feeling in the mood and looking forward to it, then your experience will be better regardless of whether you win or not.
The last thing anybody wants to do when feeling low or when not having a quiet time is to be gambling.

Consider the RTP When Thinking of When to Play

Remember, just like RNG, return to player percentages are the real determining factor of wins with online slot games.
RTP will not change simply because you are playing during the morning rather than in the arvo.
As we said earlier that there is an argument to be made about playing when there are more people making bets, but at the end of the day, players won’t find a scientific explanation as to the best time to play slots.

There is No Perfect Time of the Day That Fits All Players

In reality, there is no perfect time of the day to play online slots that fits all players the same.
It comes down to a case-by-case basis and will depend on the personal situations of players. Playing when things are feeling good will keep you from making mistakes or getting caught in the tilt. Whereas playing when things are wrong, you will make plenty of rookie errors and make bad choices when falling behind.

Got a Funny Gambling Superstition of your own?

If you have a funny superstition or ritual you do before playing the pokies we would love to know. Leave a comment below and let us know if it has brought you any luck.

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