What Is the Easiest Game to Win at a Casino?

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When it comes to playing for real money, there is one question every Aussie player wants to know the answer to – what is the easiest game to win at a casino? While winning a casino game will generally come down to skill and using the right strategy, there are casino games that provide players with a better chance of winning.

While many online casinos in Australia offer players the chance to win big playing online pokies from home, there are actually easier games to win with a gambling operator that does not involve playing the slot machines.

Before we share with you the easiest games to win, it is worthwhile learning how to find these awesome games, plus the sites offering reputable online gambling too.

How to Find Easy to Win Gambling Games?

Finding the best casino games is a process that involves comparing personal playstyle preferences with gaming information available at casinos or online, while also considering player skill level.

For this reason, there is no simple pick for an easy-to-win casino game, because every player is different.

This process is not overly difficult though:

  1. Think about what games you enjoy playing
  2. Check the house edge of popular casino games
  3. Consider which of the lower house edge games you know how to play or can implement the optimal strategy

With the above three-step process you will not only find a great game to play but also one that suits you.

We consider the personal reflection aspect of finding an excellent gambling game important because there is no point playing blackjack because of its potential for a lower house edge if you are not skilled enough to play with an effective strategy.

Casino Games With Low House Edge

From a mathematical standpoint, these games with a lower house edge are considered attractive because the house has less leverage over a player.

  1. Blackjack – from 1.5%
  2. Craps – from 5% to 1.4%
  3. Baccarat – from 1.5%
  4. Three-Card Poker – from 1.5%
  5. Video Poker – from 5% to 0.5%
  6. Pokies – from 2% – 10%
  7. European Roulette – from 2.5%
  8. Pai Gow Poker – from 2.5%
  9. Caribbean Stud Poker – from 5%
  10. Backgammon – 6.39% to 4.82%

Looking at the above list of games can be a little misleading because this ranking only considers the house edge.

Like we mentioned earlier, Blackjack might offer the lowest edge but there is no point playing if you can’t count cards or have no idea how to play.

Games of skill like Blackjack, Three-Card Poker, or Video Poker are easier to win when you know how to play.

Roulette can provide players with even money wins, but many players don’t enjoy playing a game like Roulette because some strategies are largely coin flip odds and not that fun to play.

Realistically, the pokies are the easiest game to win because playing is simply a cheeky spin to get lucky. The problem with pokies is that they can be volatile, meaning you might go for long stretches without any meaningful wins.

But on the other hand, you might strike it lucky with the slots and pull off a progressive jackpot win in the thousands or millions.

Recommended Easy-to-win Casino Games

While playing the slots and scratch cards is a simple way to win, we recommend learning the strategies for the following easy-to-win games and take the casinos to the cleaners.


The game of Baccarat is very simple, and if you are looking for a basic no-thrills game, Baccarat would be your game of choice

In Baccarat, players just have to decide whether to be on the player or the banker – never bet on a tie because the odds of winning are just terrible

Learn to play Baccarat like a pro with our player guide, and start making your player bets while having fun.


While Blackjack can be a lucrative table game to get into, it does have a high skill cap to play effectively and win.

Check out our Blackjack guide first, and make sure that you practice with free casino games before getting stuck into a future playing Blackjack.


Let’s be honest, Craps is all about the heart-stopping adrenaline action.

In brick and mortar casinos, the Craps tables are just about always filled with players going wild over a player hitting some hot dice-rolls with lady luck on their side.

While some players are put off from testing out the felt with a game of Craps because of the rules, certain bets give players some of the best odds. Learn how to master the game of craps with our beginner guide and check out the don’t pass/don’t come bet, which is easy to play and has an awesome 1.4% house edge.

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