Casinos that Accept Bitcoin

Deposits in most online casinos are instantaneous. Withdrawals, on the other hand, could drag on for days. That is if you’re using traditional fiat currencies. With Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, this isn’t the case. Bitcoin strives to streamline the payment process as much as possible, so it’s no wonder so many online casinos introduced BTC as a form of payment. 

Speed is far from the only benefit you’ll gain from using BTC in online casinos. Being a decentralised online payment system, Bitcoin provides an unprecedented level of anonymity, making it perfectly suited for Aussie gamblers, given the legal status of online gambling in the country. 

Bitcoin Casino Payment Method





100% Matching deposit

+ up to 100 extra spins


260% Matching Deposit Bonus

+ up to 40 extra Free spins 


280% Matched on your first Deposit

+ up to 50 extra spins on Bubble Bubble 2


300% Matching Deposit Bonus

+ up to 50 extra spins


250% Welcome bonus 

+ 25 Free Spins on Asgard Deluxe


250% Welcome bonus 

+ 25 Free Spins on Asgard Deluxe


250% Welcome bonus 

+ 25 Free Spins on Asgard Deluxe

Benefits of Using Bitcoin in Australian Online Casinos

There is a growing number of Australian online casinos accepting Bitcoin, which is easily understandable considering all the benefits BTC brings to the table. We’ve highlighted some of the positives of playing in Bitcoin casinos — feel free to check them out below.

The only real issue is that Bitcoin is not as accepted as conventional banking methods, which means that you’ll have to dig deeper to find a suitable online casino. But don’t lose hope just yet. Our panel of iGaming specialists has scoured the web looking for the best BTC online casinos in Australia, and they’re more than willing to share their findings with you. 

Take a deep dive and discover top-tier Bitcoin casinos that accept Aussies and find out why BTC is regarded as the most practical payment method around. 

Benefits of Bitcoin Payment Method

Ultra-fast cashouts

E-wallets like PayPal are undoubtedly fast, but Bitcoin is in a whole other league when it comes to withdrawal processing time. On average, BTC cashouts take up to 48 hours, making it by far the fastest withdrawal option currently offered in Australian online casinos.


Bitcoin offers a degree of anonymous transactions that other payment methods cannot match. Players are not required to submit any kind of personal information and uncover their identity when making deposits and withdrawals in online casinos. Some gambling sites in Australia won’t even ask you to go through a verification process, meaning that you can stay anonymous all the way through.

No middleman

The fact that Bitcoin operates as a P2P system eliminates the need for any intermediary gateways. This is one area that gives BTC a significant advantage over fiat currencies, especially e-wallets.

It’s unbreakable

BTC transactions are protected with sophisticated encryption technologies, which make it impossible for any unauthorised personnel to gain access to your confidential details.


Other than occasional low fees, Bitcoin casino transactions are almost always free. That goes for both deposits and withdrawals.

Huge limits

It’s a known fact that Bitcoin has substantially higher deposit and withdrawal limits than traditional payment methods. This makes it an excellent choice for high rollers.

Bitcoin Casino FAQ

Bitcoin and the blockchain is a system that allows payments to be sent between users without passing through a central institution or authority – like a bank or payment gateway. This system and ledger are created and stored electronically and are produced by huge networks of computers across the world, which are processing this ledger and transfers – otherwise referred to as ‘Bitcoin mining’.

Bitcoin was the first real example of what we now refer to as Cryptocurrencies and was created by a pseudonymous software developer, who went by the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. To this very day, no one knows who Satoshi Nakamoto really is, but the idea behind Bitcoin was to create a virtual currency exchange that was independent of any central authority, and was able to be transferred electronically, securely; verifiable and completely anonymous.

What is the best Bitcoin casino?

There are many factors as to what makes the best Bitcoin casino, and realistically the choice would come down to personal preferences and whether the casino matches with how you like to play. For comparative reasons, the best Bitcoin casinos should be licensed and regulated while maintaining transparency about their processes, and contain a variety of high-paying instant play (online-based and no download needed) casino games from reputable software providers. Match these with quality 24/7 customer support and you have yourself a winner!

The first step is to download a free Bitcoin wallet, which is where you hold your Bitcoin. Once you have purchased Bitcoin using your credit card, or bank transfer through the popular online Bitcoin exchanges like Coinbase or Bitstamp – you can send your Bitcoin to your wallet and then deposit it into your unique casino depositing address – which you will find in the player account once you login with your Bitcoin casino.

Bitcoin transactions are really fast! They are also confidential too, and the blockchain fees are minimal, so minuscule that you will hardly even feel them. On top of this, most of the Bitcoin casinos will not charge you a fee on deposit or withdrawal of your Bitcoin.