Top 25 Best Online Casinos for Australian Players

Our team of bona fide online casino experts is tasked with crawling the Australian online casino space to find, review and feature only the very best real money online casinos that offer online gaming in Australian dollars (AUD). Because we are so thorough with the review process, our team are continually researching and updating our listings so that you can feel comfortable with our recommendations, and we feel comfortable putting our reputation on the line by making them.

Australian Casinos

Our experts genuinely love the online casino world and follow a comprehensive review process that covers every angle. Before we make a recommendation and publish a review – we test every casino bonus and free spins offer to ensure that you get a fair suck of the sauce bottle and don’t waste your time with misleading bonuses. We even include testing out the online casino promo codes, playing and depositing with real money Australian dollars, and the withdrawal and payout methods so that you don’t get stuck with online casinos that try to keep your money.





100% up to $/€500 AUD

+ up to 180 extra spins


100% up to $/€500 AUD 

+ up to 100 extra spins


100% up to $/€300 AUD 

+ up to 100 extra spins


100% up to $/€250

+ 100 extra spins


100% up to €/€400

+ up to 100 extra spins


100% up to $/€300 

+ up to 100 extra spins


150% up to $/€ 1,500


300% up to $/€300 

50 Extra Spins


400% up to $/€4000 

+ up to 100 extra spins


100% up to $/€300 

+ up to 100 extra spins


1000% up to $/€1000


100% up to $/€300

+ up to 100 extra spins


280% up to $/€300 AUD 

+ up to 50 extra spins


100% up to $/€1000 

+ up to 40 extra spins


280% up to $/€1000  

+ up to 60 extra spins


100% up to $/€1000 

+ up to 60 extra spins


100% up to $/€1000  

+ up to 60 extra spins


100% up to $/€250  

+ up to 100 free spins


280% up to $/€1400  

+ up to 100 free spins


100% up to €/$400 

+ up to 100 free spins


100% up to €/$100 

+ up to 100 free spins


100% UP TO $/€150  

+ up to 100 free spins


100% UP TO $/€100

+ up to 100 free spins


100% UP TO $/€200

+ up to 50 free spins

About Online Casinos in Australia

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Australian online casinos are some of the best in the industry; thanks not only to the benefits that Australian legislation affords players but also to the incentives and bonuses that real money online casinos offer to both new and regular players. Many of the online casinos that our experts recommend providing welcome and no max match bonuses to support players on their quest for the fair dinkum progressive jackpots and big-time winnings.

Alongside these great bonuses, a large portion of online casinos also provides loyalty point programs – which are like the ‘everyday rewards’ program you’ll find at your local Woolies. What these loyalty programs do is offer Australian players the ability to earn loyalty points by going about your business and playing with real money online casinos. These points can then be exchanged for cash or much more attractive promotional bonuses. There are even some cool bonuses that can only be earned through some loyalty programs such as invites to special VIP members events and prize giveaways.

Now we know that you think these are great reasons to play with real money through online casinos, but you are likely still thinking about one issue. How safe is my personal information with an online casino? The answer to this question is very easy, if you are following our experts’ recommendations and playing with online casinos we consider trusted and reputable, your personal details and financial information will be collected and protected by 128-bit SSL digital security encryptions. This means your information will never be released to third parties, and the withdrawals are processed quickly so that you can access the funds in your gaming right away.

Online casinos in Australia are readily accessible too, you can jump in and get involved with the fun from as little as $10 AUD thanks to low minimum deposits Australian online casinos are known for.


A History of Online Casinos

Online casinos have a fairly short history, which is not a surprise when you consider that the internet itself has only been around in its current form – the world wide web since 1990. Which is a significant feat, because within three decades since then – most of the developed world has become entirely reliant on being online, with constant access to every aspect of their daily lives. The internet has had a huge effect on almost every industry, with online casinos and online gambling going gangbusters and becoming an industry worth over $204.5 billion AUD. In the United States, $71 Billion of which was attributed to online casinos. This total figure is expected to continue increasing to about $280 billion by 2023.

Within the Australian context, over the last decade, Australia has continued its dominance in online casino gaming, regardless of the country having a much smaller population. Much of this success can be attributed to the strength of online casinos and their impressive business numbers, with the Aussie gambling and casino industry being worth over $156 billion.


Warnings Issued to the Media for ‘Illegal Activity’

In 2003 the United States of America’s Department of Justice put the National Association of Broadcasters and large media companies on notice that if they continue to accept the placement of advertisements for online casinos and online casino gambling, that these actions may be considered illegal. By this time the online casino industry was worth in excess of $6.45 billion AUD.

From 2003 to late 2006 the Department of Justice continues to hand out fines to media companies that refused to drop online casino advertisements. The situation was so dire that The Sporting News company was fine $10 million AUD, and BetOnSports CEO David Carruthers was arrested and charged with racketeering conspiracy because of what was considered as his participation in an illegal gambling enterprise.

The United Kingdom introduced legislation to legalise and regulate the online casino industry. Through the Gambling Act 2005, passed in 2007, the UK was set to capitalise on the shift from the United States to Europe. At this time, widespread advertising began to appear on televisions spruiking brick-and-mortar casinos and online casino gambling.

Reviews – How Do We Do It?

5 Star Pokies has a dedicated team of experts that follow a consistent and comprehensive process to review Australian Online Casinos. We use our expertise in the online casino gaming world to consider each online casino while ensuring that they are genuine and align with our fair dinkum authority process.

With online casinos today it is easy to get caught up with the glitz and glamour of real money online casinos that aim to trick players with misleading offers, and the flashy or fancy looking websites that draw you in to register an account.  You’ve been told this time and time again, but, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ really does apply to online casinos.

Our experts follow our fair dinkum authority process, meaning every online casino review on our site considers the following important criteria:


When it comes to using real money online casinos, feeling safe and secure is a big factor to depositing your hard-earned money. For this reason, the first point our experts check in the fair dinkum authority process is checking out the reputation of an online casino. We will point out though, because the online casino market is so competitive in drawing new players – online casinos are continually working on improving the reputation of their online casino for new and existing players alike, a win for everyone.


Online security is a critical component for online casinos to reassure players. Unfortunately, in the 21st century, the growing threat of identity theft and credit fraud weighs on the shoulders of players and online casinos alike. Our experts hate the thought of being subjected to fraud or identity theft, so they share a sweet spot for checking out the finer details of site security and access to confidential information.

Third-party audits and certification

Players always want to get the best bang for their buck when playing with real money online casinos. For this reason, most online casinos specifically go out of their way to demonstrate to prospective players that their online casino games and pokies are fair when it comes to the advertised odds and offers, and to reiterate that the big jackpots and outcomes of online casino games are 100% random.

A sweet bonus for us Aussies – many of the top Australian casinos take this opportunity in their stride and organise third party audits with leading and independent auditors like:

These auditors mainly conduct two types of online casino game output audits: the Return to Player (RTP) calculations, and the Random Number Generator (RNG) output analysis. Although these audits are not a legislated requirement, they are usually arranged by online casinos on a monthly basis and then published on their gaming websites for players’ piece of mind.

Customer support

Great customer support is an underrated aspect of online casinos, especially when it involves handing over hard earned Aussie dollars. Regardless of whether you are new to online casinos and struggling to add an unreal no max bonus promo code you found, or you are a veteran online casino player trying to fast track your withdrawal request. The best online casinos always factor in the need to provide comprehensive customer support around the clock.

How they treat your email address

Believe it or not, there are some numpties out there in the vast online world that still think spamming your email address is a great online marketing tool. Don’t worry, we are still just as shocked each time we see this.

Now, our experts like to live dangerously and so that you can get the best of the best, we take one for the team and sign up to every ‘mailing list’ as part of our fair dinkum authority process and check out the level of email torture that does or does not exist through each online casino. We compare this ‘fantastic’ online marketing over the course of 7 days so that you know what to expect.

Ahh, don’t you just love our experts already?

Online casino games quality

These days there are so many new and exciting online casino games. This variety means that there is also a variety in the quality of online casino games. As such, our experts look for casino games that are provided through reputable and well-regulated online casino software providers, including cosmetic or superficial factors like reliability, appearance, features, and fun!

Withdrawals and deposits

There is no worse feeling then scoring a massive payout on your favourite online casino game, only to find that there are limits and delays to the withdrawal process. Our experts also consider the deposit methods so that you are always recommended online casinos that have true blue and Aussie-friendly deposit methods.

Bonuses and promotions

Our experts aren’t robots. They have been around the online casino gaming world for longer than they should admit, and it shows – through their love of a decent free spins bonus or a huge no max match bonus promotion. We check out and personally test every bonus and promotion that we recommend. We do this so that you aren’t being exposed to any misleading promotions or unexpected issues that are common with disappointing and fake offers which simply ruin your vibe.


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Why Trust us ?

Simply put, we find the best online casinos around Australia. Our dedicated team of casino enthusiasts knows what they are talking about because they have played at the online casinos themselves. 

Test payouts

Test each website

Deal with complaints

Warn you about bad casino practices

Casino Review FAQs

Because we care! 5 Star Pokies is a leading online casinos review site in Australia because our team of writers and experts have a real affinity with online casino gaming. A big reason behind why we hired our staff and writers was because of their passion for online casinos. We are unbiased and diligent throughout the review process, taking pride in maintaining our comprehensive and fair dinkum authority process – which our readers have come to expect and appreciate in our reviews.

Australia is referred to as the lucky country for many reasons, and we believe one of them is because Australia has one of the most liberal casino gaming industries in the world. For Australians, it is legal for you to play online casinos with real money that are owned and operated outside of Australia (Interactive Gambling Act 2001).

You won’t pay any tax on casino winnings! This is because the Aussie government brought in a policy surrounding tax and casino gambling winnings that is very beneficial to players. This policy meant that the casinos paid the taxes instead and there are two reasons for this stance. The first is because in Australia gambling is not considered a career or profession. The second reason is that in Australia winnings from casino gambling are considered to be derived from ‘luck’ and therefore can not be considered as an ‘income’ which is to be taxable.

Yes, you can! Not only can you play at online casinos with real money, but every online casino that our experts review and recommend also have safe and reputable deposit methods for Aussies using Australian dollars and a wide variety of safe and accepted currencies. All online casinos you will find reviewed and recommended on our site have also been put through their paces when it comes to the deposit and withdrawal process.

When it comes to avoiding dodgy online casinos, our best advice is also very simple – read our expert reviews and recommendations and stick to the online casinos that our experts have vetted thoroughly. Now, it is always smart to do your own research too, so we suggest that you always research a few of the online casinos that draw your attention or interest you the most. In short, ensure that you always read the bonus terms and conditions because this can go a long way in telling you a lot of information about the casino. Pay attention to bonus wagering requirements that make it difficult for you to cash out winnings from bonuses or free spins.

As a bonus rule of thumb to follow, check out the online casinos’ real money banking methods because those online casinos which have a wide variety of deposit methods are generally the online casinos that are more credible.

This question is thrown around all the time by players who are unsure about the online casino landscape. However, the answer is simple. There really is no difference between online pokies and the pokies at the local pub. The only difference is that one is a physical machine that involves leaving the house to play on, while online casinos can be played anywhere, anytime.

The beauty of the online casino pokies is that you will find a significantly larger variety of games when you play the online casino pokies. With the online casinos, our experts recommend you will find a huge selection of 3-reel, 5-reel, and the lucrative progressive jackpot pokies.

The popularity in the online casino and casino gaming world is continuing to see huge success. This is because of the relaxed gaming industry laws in Australia, meaning that you can waltz into basically any pub, club, casino anywhere in the country and have a cheeky press on the pokies, bet on sports or racing.

Previously Vegas was always looked at as the king-pin of the casino gambling world because of the glamour and mainstream popularity but this largely is a result of America’s strict gambling laws (gambling is only friendly in Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City, and Indian reservations). In Australia, casinos are being developed as massive resorts where players can come and eat, sleep, play, and game.

Did you know that each year the most popular tourist attraction in the land down under is the Crown Casino in Melbourne – boasting a ridiculous 11 million visitors per year, easily beating landmarks like Uluru and The Sydney Opera House.