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Playamo Casino in a nutshell

First impressions have a lasting effect on how we perceive or think about something. When we loaded up the Playamo Casino site, one word came to mind in an instant – overwhelming. Although, it had taken a few moments to get over the initial impression, as we looked over the site layout it eventually becomes easier to understand where to look.

Confused where to start, we found ourselves realising that Playamo has focused on providing something for everyone and having a huge offering, instead of nailing down on what we think players need, i.e. a great-value online casino. Now, take this with a grain of salt, as this issue is mostly overcome once players get comfortable and start to have a feel for where everything is. At the end of the day, we came to Playamo to play casino games and once we loaded up in our favourite pokies and table games - the rest was straightforward.

Settle in and read on as we take you through the hectic first page and hopefully give you a better footing to break through the anxiety of that first page, and enjoy the amazing casino games library that Playamo Casino offers!

What’s the look and feel of Playamo Casino?

When it comes to the look and feel of the Playamo Casino it was a bit hard to know where to start, probably because we had no idea what was going on! Everything is so busy, from the graphics in the promotional carousel banner, to the squished in nature of menu items, top games, features, promotions, filters and search bars. There is so much information being crammed into such a small space that we were just not comfortable at all trying to figure out what to do and where our eyes should be leading to.

To make things worse, we got hit with a nasty pop up to provide permission to receive push notifications and updates. We get it, digital marketing and list building in 2019 says push notifications are valuable, but we just don’t like being asked or having pop ups while trying to play casino games. We instantly feel a sense of scammy or dodgy behaviour with anything pop up related while online casino gaming.

Back to the feel of Playamo, the graphics are great and very well designed. Just from looking over them and checking out the games we could see that each of the four designs on the carousel are big collaborations that include as many different games as possible. Bear with us on this one, we thought these graphics were really cool… but it seemed to make the effectiveness of the image and its call-to-action worse, while adding to the overwhelming factor.

Our reasoning for this is that there were so many aspects in each image that our eyes were drawn to and then BAM! It changes, the next image loads and our eyes are tracking everywhere but the call-to-action. That’s not a problem (just look at the offer directly next time), but it wasn’t as easy because when it loaded around again, we found ourselves looking for all the cool different games in the image, and then turning to the offer just as it changes! First world problems, right?

The Playamo Casino site uses just the one page for almost all of its information; as you scroll over the fold and down the page past 8 rows of casino games, you eventually come to large quantities of text and information covering everything involved when playing at Playamo Casino.
We think that needs to change, as by the time we got down to the information, we were simply tired of seeing things and didn’t bother to read into the white text on multi-coloured purples of the background. This would be better served as a separate landing page to this information, more as an “about us” type page.

On the left of the screen is the usual side bar which lists standing information, such as wallet balance, links to player account and deposit. Under these options are listings for the 4 tournament promotions and links to the promotions page, payments for deposit and withdrawal details, player support, and the VIP program.

Thankfully, the mobile site is much cleaner and solves many of the overwhelming issues we experienced on the desktop site. The promotional graphics were much better as the offer was centre stage. For new players, certainly consider accessing on the mobile site first!

Our last minor gripe with Playamo was with their decision to list out the names and logos of the casino gaming software providers they work with. Not such a problem with seasoned players, but with newcomers they would have no idea what these brand names are. These logos are used to filter the games to show those offered by that provider. We think this could really be a feature added to the menu or another page; in our experience players looking through pokies want to know what type of slot they are, whether it be 3-reel, 5-reel, and not who created the platform etc.

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What games are available at Playamo Casino?

Playamo’s strength in the Australian online casino market comes from its huge library of casino games that players have access to. There are over 1500+ games available to play thanks to the casino partnering up with 18 different reputable software providers:

  • Baccarat
  • Bingo
  • Poker
  • Scratchcards
  • Slots
  • Sic Bo
    Sic Bo

Can I play at Playamo Casino on mobile?

Without any hesitation we recommend playing at the Playamo Casino on your smartphone or tablet. The shortcomings that the main desktop site faced are basically handled when accessing the mobile site. Although the mobile site did not take the app-style approach we love, the site is developed very well when it comes to being responsive.

On mobile, the site was much easier to navigate, and the overwhelming graphics and flood of information is somewhat contained. The mobile site layout is like that of the main site, so if you are starting on your smartphone or tablet as we would suggest, when it comes to playing on the desktop site you will feel much more comfortable.

Playing the casino games is straight forward on mobile and having this option at an online casino is very underrated. When we looked into the traffic for Playamo, we were surprised to see that only 71% of the overall traffic was coming from mobile devices. We love playing on mobile, and we feel that this is one of the stronger points of playing at Playamo Casino thanks to the much smoother gameplay.

What is the Playamo Casino Welcome Bonus?

Playamo has a welcome bonus that rewards players with a deposit bonus and then free spins which are drip fed to players over a 5-day period.

With the Playamo Casino welcome bonus, players can snag a 100% deposit bonus up to $500 and double down on your first deposit. But, the free fun doesn’t stop there, 24 hours later players will receive 20 free spins to use exclusively on the ‘Lucky Lady’s Clover’ pokie. Like we said, this welcome bonus is drip fed, so in another 24 hours players will score another 20 free spins, and so will be the case over the 5 days. Snag this welcome bonus at Playamo using the code FIRSTDEP.

Don’t forget to always read the terms and conditions for bonuses. We have pulled up some of the important points to consider, so check out our summary:
• For players to receive the free spins they must have met the 1 times wagering requirement each time
• Winnings earned through the free spins and all bonuses have 50 times wagering requirement
• The maximum bet for Australian players is $6.5 AUD
• All bonuses are not available for playing with cryptocurrency
• Games have their own wagering percentages as follows:
o Table games like Baccarat, blackjack, Hi-Lo - 5% (except for games with a live dealer)
o Video poker games - 5%
o Roulette and poker – 5% (except for games with a live dealer)
o Pokies – 100% (except for the list of excluded games)
• 47 pokies are excluded from play with bonus promotion offers – check the bonus wagering terms and conditions for the list
• Both the bonus and winnings are removed once the bonus time limit expires

What promotions are available at Playamo Casino?

When it comes to offering players a variety of promotions with true value, Playamo Casino’s offering was very disappointing. With only 4 promotions to claim outside of the welcome bonus and 4 promotional competitions, it was hard to understand why there is a real lack of creativity on display, as each of the promotions were very similar. The tournament competitions can become monotonous for returning or seasoned players, as they largely require players to pump out plays which might risk turning a hobby into a job!

To make your life easier, we have collated each of the current promotions that are available to claim at Playamo Casino:

  • Friday Reload – make a deposit with the code RELOAD to earn a 50% deposit bonus up to $250 and 100 free spins for ‘The Golden Owl of Athena’ pokie. These free spins are drip fed, 50 spins after 24 hours and another 50 24 hours after that. Players beware, as the maximum bet allowed is $6.50. Winnings from the free spins have 50 times wagering requirement, so get ready for a long haul to be cash out ready.

  • Second Deposit Bonus – basically a second chance from the welcome bonus with larger maximum, use the code SECONDDEP to earn a 50% deposit bonus up to $1,000 with an added 50 free spins for the ‘Lucky Blue’ pokie - note the maximum bet allowed is $6.50.

  • Monday Free Spins – Make a deposit on Mondays and receive up to 100 free spins for the pokies ‘Hotline’ or ‘Fruit Zen’, depending on your deposit amount. Get 20 free spins on a $25-75 deposit, 50 free spins on a $75-125 deposit, and 100 free spins for a deposit over $125. All winnings from free spins have a massive 50 times wagering requirement.

  • High Roller Bonus – this bonus suits players looking to deposit large amounts, receive a 50% up to $3000 for the first deposit from $1500 using the code HIGHROLLER. The maximum bet is increased for the high roller bonus, with the maximum allowed bet being $15.

We separated the competitions for you and have used these as an example. Depending on when you are checking out this review, these competitions may not be live; however, in saying that, we have noticed that the daily battle/race type competitions have similar rules each time, but just reset so that more players can work through the rewards:

Table Battle

Rules are simple. Play your favourite table games and earn points based on the total amount bet, then move up the leaderboard. At the end of the week the top 25 players will share a prize pool of $1500. Pokies are excluded from this tournament, so only playing table games will count, while using the formula of 1 euro bet equals 1 point. Players lucky enough to place in the top 25 will receive a cash prize – subject to 3 times wagering requirement.

Freespins Waterfall

The Playamo Freespins Waterfall is a rolling 5-day tournament that rewards 175 players free spins from a pool of 6000. This tournament is more of a lottery than a race, for every $10 bet a player will receive 1 lottery ticket. The free spins are awarded for the ‘Wolf Gold’ pokie and are subject to 5 times wagering requirement. This also comes with a time limit of 14 days to meet this requirement, so don’t delay if you are lucky enough to win the lotto!

Slot of the week

Playamo Casino run a slot of the week promotion which follows similar rules to their other tournaments. Players must simply play the slot of the week, making as many bets as possible to be one of the 75 players that will divvy up the 4000 free spins.

Each week, there is a new slot of the week starting every Monday. Players should note that the free spins prizes are subject to 10 times wagering requirement with a 14-day time limit to complete.

Slot Race “Fast Spin”

This looks like the go-to promotion for many of the Playamo Casino players. Resetting every 12 hours, players can place bets while playing the pokies and earn 1 race point for every 1 Euro (so 1 point for about every $1.60 bet) they bet. Players have a chance to share in a pool of $1200 and 1000 free spins every 12 hours. The terms and conditions for the rewards on the Slot Race are not too bad, subject to 3 times wagering requirement with the standard 14-day time limit to complete.

While these tournaments were exciting in the first instance, and the large pool of winners is nice to consistently earn rewards - it still felt like a bit of a reach. We found that playing in these fast-paced tournaments lead to us not paying attention to our bets, and just hammering out quick small bets to try and earn points quickly. It dumbed down our gameplay a lot and after the first couple hours, we realized that it had stopped being fun and turned more into a chore.

We just could not keep up with the top 50 players – more like machines - these players were beasts, consistently putting out 30k – 80k points totals in each round.

  •  Friday Reload – 50% deposit bonus up to $250 and 100 free spins for ‘The Golden Owl of Athena’ pokie. Free spins are drip fed over 48 hours
  • Second Deposit Bonus – 50% deposit bonus up to $1,000 with an added 50 free spins for the ‘Lucky Blue’ pokie
  • Monday Free Spins – Make a deposit on Mondays and receive up to 100 free spins for the pokies ‘Hotline’ or ‘Fruit Zen’ depending deposit amount
  • High Roller Bonus – 50% up to $3000 for the first deposit greater than $1500
  • Table Battle – Play table games and earn points on your amount bet to move up the leaderboard and share a $1500 prize pool with the top 25 players at end of the week
  • Freespins Waterfall – Every $10 bet on pokies gives players 1 lottery ticket for a rolling 5-day tournament rewarding 175 players with free spins from a pool of 6000
  • Slot of the week – Play the pokie of the week to join the promotion to earn a share with 75 other players in a pool of 4000 free spins
  • Slot Race “Fast Spin” – Play the pokies and earn 1 race point for approximately every $1.60 bet (1 Euro) to share in a pool of $1200 and 1000 free spins every 12 hours as a new race starts each 12-hour period

Does Playamo Casino have a VIP Programme or Loyalty Scheme?

On the left of the screen is the usual side bar which lists standing information, such as wallet balance, links to player account and deposit. Under these options are listings for the 4 tournament promotions and links to the promotions page, payments for deposit and withdrawal details, player support, and the VIP program.

What are the pros & cons of Playamo Casino?

Although the initial vibe from Playamo Casino was overwhelming, the casino offers players value and plenty of options, which means just about every online casino player can find something they love with Playamo. After spending a week enjoying the Playamo Casino, we have come up with the following summary of pros and cons to enjoying this online casino.

  • Over 1500 games to play from 18 leading software providers!
  • Tournament promotions are fun and short 12-hour race-battles help to earn rewards
  • Fast cash out turnarounds with a variety of options for deposit and withdrawals
  • Mobile site offers a smoother playing experience
  • Free spins winnings have 50 times wagering requirements which take time to playthrough
  • Main page is very busy with an overload of information which is confronting


Very fast cash out times to support a casino games library of over 1000+ of the latest and classic games we love.

Although Playamo Casino do not offer telephone support, their 24/7 online chat support staff are very helpful and make up for this. When you add this great customer support with the extremely quick withdrawal turnaround times and Playamo Casino’s massive library of over 1500+ casino games it is easy to see why players are flocking to create a player account with Playamo.

The final verdict

After spending the week playing with Playamo Casino we feel like we have come full circle, thus, we end up back where we began, looking at the main page with a lasting first impression that has been sitting in the back of our minds every time we opened the Playamo site over the last week.

While Playamo Casino does well with what it has on hand to offer players, it never really steps out from the pack and does anything exceptionally well, and nothing that would lead us noticing Playamo stand out from the rest of the casino sites built on the SoftSwiss platform. Unfortunately, we think that the first impressions will have a big impact on new players joining up and supporting the casino.
Before we can really get behind Playamo Casino 100%, we would love to see them consider tidying up the main page of the website and adding telephone support would be a definite need. Especially considering in the modern age where so many companies that may not have resources to support phones in-house, can outsource this support easily.

With these points in mind, Playamo Casino still does a great job at what it evidently is trying to do – give players the option to play just about any game they have ever played, and to play them over long periods. And constantly. Although we aren’t fans of morphing our hobby into a job-worthy grind – it is clear many players love the leaderboard and race type tournaments Playamo offer. For seasoned players who spend significant time having a cheeky hot press, Playamo Casino might well be one to add onto the rotation. Just remember to always read the terms and conditions, and don’t fall for the mistake of betting over $6.50 as you grind through those large wagering requirements.

For beginners alike, if you check out Playamo for the first time, we recommend accessing through the much friendlier mobile site first, and get in the habit of reading bonus terms and conditions to avoid a nasty surprise.

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