PlayAmo Casino Review


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Overview of PlayAmo Casino

First impressions have a lasting effect on how we perceive or think about something. When we loaded up the Playamo Casino site, one word came to mind in an instant – overwhelming. Although it had taken a few moments to get over the initial impression, as we looked over the site layout it eventually becomes easier to understand where to look.

Confused about where to start, we found ourselves realizing that Playamo has focused on providing something for everyone and having a huge offering, instead of nailing down on what we think players need, i.e. a great-value online casino. Now, take this with a grain of salt, as this issue is mostly overcome once players get comfortable and start to have a feel for where everything is. At the end of the day, we came to Playamo to play casino games and once we loaded up in our favourite pokies and table games – the rest was straightforward.

Settle in and read on as we take you through the hectic first page and hopefully give you a better footing to break through the anxiety of that first page, and enjoy the amazing casino games library that Playamo Casino offers!

Final Verdict On PlayAmo Casino

While Playamo Casino does well with what it has on hand to offer players, it never really steps out from the pack and does anything exceptionally well, and nothing that would lead us to notice Playamo stand out from the rest of the casino sites built on the SoftSwiss platform. Unfortunately, we think that the first impressions will have a big impact on new players joining up and supporting the casino.

Before we can really get behind Playamo Casino 100%, we would love to see them consider tidying up the main page of the website, and adding telephone support would be a definite need. Especially considering the modern age where so many companies that may not have resources to support phones in-house, can outsource this support easily.

With these points in mind, Playamo Casino still does a great job at what it evidently is trying to do – give players the option to play just about any game they have ever played, and to play them over long periods. And constantly. Although we aren’t fans of morphing our hobby into a job-worthy grind – it is clear many players love the leaderboard and race-type tournaments Playamo offer. For seasoned players who spend significant time having a cheeky hot press, Playamo Casino might well be one to add to the rotation. Just remember to always read the terms and conditions, and don’t fall for the mistake of betting over $6.50 as you grind through those large wagering requirements.

For beginners alike, if you check out Playamo for the first time, we recommend accessing through the much friendlier mobile site first and get in the habit of reading bonus terms and conditions to avoid a nasty surprise.

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PlayAmo Casino Review

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