Best Cricket Betting Sites

Cricket 350x150 Cricket Betting SitesCricket is one of the most popular sports in Australia, and Aussies love placing wagers on various international and domestic cricket matches. Even though its popularity might be overshadowed by competitions such as AFL, there are still many people in the Land Down Under interested in betting on cricket.

This guide will help you discover the best cricket betting sites in Australia. We conducted research to find some of the leading options for Australian punters, and we’re going to compare them in this article in order to determine the top three options. 

Cricket Odds and Betting Markets Compared

If you’re going to bet on cricket, you should seek the platform that offers the best odds and the most betting markets. We narrowed down the list to the following platforms: PlayUp, Ladbrokes, Unibet, BetStar, Bet365, and Bookmaker.

Here’s how it’s going to work: we’re going to use one of the upcoming cricket matches and compare odds offered on all of the sites we selected. After that, we’ll compare the number of betting markets and eventually list the top three platforms that offer the best service for cricket punters.

Our match of choice is going to be a Sheffield Shield duel between Queensland Bulls and New South Wales. Without further ado, let’s compare the odds offered on different sites.

  • PlayUp — 1.71 on Queensland Bulls and 2.08 on New South Wales
  • Ladbrokes — 1.67 on Queensland Bulls and 2.20 on New South Wales
  • Unibet — 1.67 on Queensland Bulls and 2.20 on New South Wales
  • Betstar — 1.67 on Queensland Bulls and 2.20 on New South Wales
  • Bookmaker — 1.67 on Queensland Bulls and 2.20 on New South Wales
  • Bet365 — 1.72 on Queensland Bulls and 2.10 on New South Wales

Once again, it seems that Bet365 and PlayUp failed to live up to expectation. However, that leaves us with four sites, and we promised to name the top three, which is why our research went beyond odds and betting markets. 


In the end, we opted for the following three sites as the best ones for betting on cricket in Australia:

Deciding between Betstar and Bookmaker was tough, as both have pretty much an identical offer when it comes to cricket. Nevertheless, we had to explore other aspects of these sites in order to make the final cut.

How We Selected the Best Cricket Betting Sites in Australia

Picking the sites with the best odds and betting markets was the easier part of the task. Before that, we had to narrow down the selection of betting platforms available in Australia and exclude those that failed to meet our strict criteria. 


First of all, we made sure that all bookies we included in this article have a valid license from the appropriate regulator, meaning they are legal and safe. Moreover, we explored available security protocols to ensure that they use the best possible protection to safeguard users and their sensitive data.

Moreover, we explored available sports and picked the ones that offer more Aussie-friendly options. All sites featured on this page include sports that are popular in the Land Down Under, including cricket, AFL, tennis, basketball, cycling, and more. Therefore, if you want to place bets on sports other than cricket, you’re bound to find plenty of great options on the sites we included.


Bonuses and promotions play a big part in the online sports betting industry, as online bookies want to attract as many new customers as possible and retain the regular ones. These bonuses can kickstart your online wagering journey, so we made sure to compare different offers on the sites and exclude those that did not meet our criteria.

Furthermore, we explored sites to check their interface and the overall user experience, making sure that they are suitable for new and experienced users alike.


Finally, we explored various payment options in online bookies and excluded the ones that don’t feature enough payment methods that Aussies commonly use.

Cricket Betting Markets

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular cricket bets.

This is the most straightforward type of wager where you get to pick and bet on the team you think will win the match. For instance, if you think Queensland will win against New South Wales and you place a $100 bet on Ladbrokes, you’ll receive $171, meaning you’ll make a $71 profit in case of Queensland winning the match.

In many cases, a cricket match doesn’t end on the same day it begins. Instead, it’s postponed for another date.


This type of bet simply allows you to place your money on whether the match will end on the same day or not. It’s a pretty straightforward yes/no bet.

You can also place a bet if you think that the match is going to end up in a tie.

Try to predict the correct number of runs that will take place during the first innings of the match. Sometimes, this type of bet is presented as an over/under bet, meaning you’ll get to guess whether there will be more or fewer runs than suggested by the bookie of your choice.

Try to predict which player will be the best bowler of the match or the series. The bookie will present a list, and you get to pick a player, with every selection having different odds.

If you think you know which batsman will score the most goals during a single match or a series, you can bet on the top batsman and get paid if your prediction is correct.


There is also a simple version of this bet, where you bet on the team of the best batsman. For example, if you think that the top batsman will be from Queensland, you’ll place a bet on that team. This type of bet can also apply to top bowlers.

Instead of choosing a single player, you can select one of the two suggested players and win the bet if they are the better bowler or batsman in the upcoming match or series. In other words, bookies will present several pairs of players for both bowler and batsman categories, and you get to predict which ones will be better.

Outright bets are very popular among Australian cricket punters. They let you pick the winner of the entire tournament that you’re betting on. Outright bets are usually possible before the tournament starts, and you’ll get paid if the team you selected wins the tournament in the end.

If you don’t find betting on a single match winner challenging, you can always try to guess the winner of the entire series. 

There are all kinds of stats being tracked in cricket matches, and bookies often suggest average numbers to punters who then get to wager on whether these stats will be higher or lower than suggested.

The list goes on. In fact, there are quite a few betting options for Australian cricket lovers. For instance, you can bet on which team will win the coin toss, whether the number of runs in the end will be odd or even, who’ll be the man of the match or the player of the series, and more. Feel free to explore the possible options once you join a bookie that offers cricket betting.

Cricket events to bet on worldwide and in Australia

Australia is one of the few countries that has both an international team and domestic competitions. It’s one of the cricket hubs, next to countries such as India, Pakistan, and the UK.

International Cricket

The national cricket team of Australia is one of the most successful in this sport. Australia is one of the ICC founding nations and has officially played the first official cricket test match against England in 1877. The team actively takes part in the ICC Test Championship.


Perhaps one of the most important test cricket series is called The Ashes, which is played between Australia and England and is one of the longest-running traditions in cricket.


Moreover, the Australian team also takes part in various international competitions, and Australia hosted the 2015 Cricket World Cup that included 14 teams that played a total of 49 matches across 14 venues.

Domestic Cricket

All six states in Australia have their cricket teams that compete in two competitions:


  • The Sheffield Shield — A four-day first-class tournament
  • The Matador cup — A one-day competition.


The teams are:


  • New South Wales Blues
  • Queensland Bulls
  • South Australia Southern Redbacks
  • Tasmanian Tigers
  • Victoria
  • Western Australia


On top of that, there are eight city-based franchises that take place in the Big Bash League (BBL), which is a domestic Twenty20 league that was formerly known as the KFC Twenty20 Big Bash.


The current teams that are part of BBL are:


  • Adelaide Strikers
  • Brisbane Heat
  • Hobart Hurricanes
  • Melbourne Renegades
  • Melbourne Stars
  • Perth Scorchers
  • Sydney Sixers
  • Sydney Thunder