Free Online Pokies

In Australia, it is very easy to see that we have a love for free online pokies like no other country does. Across the world, online pokies, which are also know by their original name “the slots”, are also very popular. In fact, online pokies are the most played casino games at online casinos and at brick- and-mortar-based casinos too. This popularity certainly explains why there is an overwhelming variety of free online pokies for players to choose from in 2020.

You may think that free online pokies are very basic and there are not much to them, but in modern casinos and online casinos, there are new free online pokies and machines being introduced each week. The pokies have even evolved significantly since their early days as the ‘fruit machines’. Read on and we will share with you the new types of pokies you will find online, as well as the best free online pokies strategy and useful tips to help you find the best free online pokies in Australia.

Free Pokies Casinos

Below are the best Australian online casinos for playing free pokies.

Useful tips to help you find a free online pokies casino

Here at 5 Star Pokies, we take reputation and value seriously. Our experts are always reviewing and following up with the online casinos on our recommendations list to ensure that our experts and our team can always be relied upon by players – we make this possible by ensuring that we follow our fair dinkum authority process to keep our readers checking in as they appreciate the time it takes to ensure no dodgy dingoes get through the fence!

On top of reputable online casinos, our recommendations also include whether players can play free games like free online pokies, which are very popular options with Australian online casino players. The beauty of the free games option is that players can ‘test drive’ online casinos that they may potentially look at playing online pokies for real money – without risking a cent.


Playing free online pokies is as easy as checking out the reputable casinos on our recommended casinos page and signing up for a free player account. Many of the Australian online casinos go one step further and let you play free games without signing up for a player account. Now, being realistic, that is the easy part of finding a free online pokies casino, and the harder part is holding yourself back from the temptation to claim some of the big value bonuses and free spins that many of the casinos we recommend on our list, are currently offering to their players.

Online pokies players in Australia these days like to be more involved in the process of finding the best online free pokies casino. For this reason, we have included 4 of our quick and helpful tips that you should consider when finding the best free online pokies casinos in Australia:

  1. Find a safe and secure online casino

Safety and security are the number one concerns amongst players, and the number one priority in the minds of our experts. The key to having an enjoyable experience with online casinos is being safe and knowing your private information is kept secure. If you have selected to play free online pokies with one of the recommended Australian online casinos on our list, then you can relax and play knowing you are being looked after. However, if you are looking into doing your own research and finding an online casino, we suggest that you investigate the authority of each site first.

Many casinos approach third parties to audit and inspect their sites and software to ensure everything is fair and running to spec. The casinos that undertake these steps almost always make this known, and provide the compliance certificates on their site for prospective players to read – as it builds trust and settles the second-guessing players may have.

  1. Pick an online casino that offers free online pokies to play on mobile and computer

With the continued growth of the online casino industry in 2020, there are more ways to play than ever before. You may be used to playing free online pokies on your computer, however, did you know that many Australian online casinos also offer your favourite free online pokies on your tablet or smartphone?

The mobile gaming market is exploding, and Australian online casinos are taking notice. We suggest that you find an online casino that also offers free online pokies to play on your smartphone or tablet too. This extra play method means you can play your favourite games with the same player account right from your phone, which would certainly help pass time when commuting to work or sitting and waiting for an appointment!

  1. Pick an online casino with the best variety of free online pokies

Pokies are the most popular casino games in the world, both online and in brick-and-mortar casinos. Whether it is free games or real money games that you are after, you will find plenty of choices when you play the free online pokies. Everyone has their favourites, but because there are just so many varying games to choose from – you will likely always find something you like more than the last. For this reason, we always recommend finding an Australian online casino that has plenty of gaming options to choose from – you never know when you might feel like changing it up!

  1. Consider the value of the online casino’s bonuses

You may be looking to play the best Australian free online pokies at online casinos today, but you never know how you might feel tomorrow or the next day. With the competitive nature of Australian online casinos, players are being offered very valuable bonuses to play online casino games. Our experts suggest that when looking for an online casino for free online pokies games, players should also consider the level of value that players might expect from that casino’s promotions.

Types of free online pokies

If you aren’t familiar with online casinos or free online pokies, you might think there is not much of a difference between the variety of free online pokies that players have available to play in 2020. This could not be further from the truth, as online pokies have come a long way since their humble beginnings as simple slots, referred to as ‘fruit’ machines. The variety on offer for players seeking free online pokies means that the pokies are the game of the people, as there is something for everyone to play. Read on for our breakdown of 7 common types of free online pokies that players can play through Australian online casinos in 2020:

3-reel pokies

3-reel pokies are the closest you will find to the classic pokies of the past. In modern times, many of the 3-real pokies maintain their classic roots by using a range of symbols that were found on the classic machines, these usually include fruits like cherries, apples, the word bar, and the number 7 which was considered lucky. Maintaining their classic vibe, these online pokies also have retro sound effects like basic bells, chimes and simple catchy tones.

In terms of playstyle, the classic 3-reel pokies are much different to the common 5-reel pokies of today as 3-reel pokies generally have only one pay line, there are some that meet the fusion with modern games and have up to 5 pay lines too. Usually, these versions of free online pokies are low-volatility casino games. The real attraction for players with 3-reel free online pokies is that they have a very basic and simplified interface – which gives players the trip down memory lane. But, the downside to playing this simple version of free online pokies is that although some are attached with jackpots, they are rarely linked with the huge progressive jackpots that you would expect to find in the 5-reel pokies.

5-reel pokies

If you are looking for fun Australian free online pokies, then you will likely find what you are after in 5-reel pokies. These free online pokies are the stock standard for online casinos across the world; with more reels, the software and casino game creators can take advantage of this extra space and let their themes and features really shine. This means these free online pokies are more fun, more engaging, and with added pay lines and the link to big progressive jackpots; therefore, potentially much more profitable for players using real money.

5-reel pokies are popular with Australian players who want to play free games because they can practice playing pokies that they would play when using real money. Winning and earning features has never been easier with the new age of 5-real pokies, with some 5-reel online pokies having as many as 243 ways to win. With these added pay lines, players are then given the flexibility to control and change how much they spend on each spin, meaning players can play one line at a couple of credits (or cents for real money) or play many lines with more credits (or with dollars each). So, if you are looking to play free online pokies in Australia while getting practice in on the best online pokies for real money too, we suggest checking out the popular 5-reel pokies on offer to Australian pokies players.

7-reel pokies

7-reel pokies are considered quite the rare sight in modern online casinos; seen as more of a gimmick than a typical type of free online pokies at online casinos. What players will find with this format of the pokies is a greater chance for scatter or wild options. Sometimes even incredible prizes can be on offer if a player is lucky enough to match 7 symbols in a row.

Although 7-reel pokies are few and far between in online casinos, this version of free online pokies really shines in the mobile casino gaming space, through the Google Play Store or the iOS Apple store. Consider this, these 7-reel pokies are also some of the easiest ways to win real money with Australian online pokies from your mobile phone.

Video pokies

Video pokies is the name given to online pokies that feature animation or video graphics, which technically are all online free pokies. What this is specifically referring to are the pokies that have more advanced graphics and not the standard offering of pokies that emulate the traditional machines with simple static images.

Many of these video pokies offer exciting and interesting features that players love, along with bonuses that aren’t found in traditional pokies. Features and bonus rounds that you would expect to find on video pokies tend to display an alternative second screen for graphics and visuals during the bonus features. One of our favourites is the Aliens Pokies, which have shoot em’ up style bonus rounds!

Progressive jackpot pokies

Now we know that progressive jackpot pokies are not that attractive for players playing free online pokies. But for players using real money, these are pokies that are linked with progressive jackpots, meaning a percentage of every bet placed on a progressive jackpot is added to an always increasing jackpot. The longer this progressive jackpot remains unclaimed, the larger the jackpot becomes. In the current online casino industry, there are 3 types of progressive jackpot pokies to play in Australian online casinos: standalone progressive jackpots, local progressive jackpots, and networked progressive jackpots.

Standalone jackpots are simply contained to the pokie you are playing and not linked with other pokies. The jackpot for standalone versions is not very large. Local jackpots mean that the pokies are connected to some other online pokies within the online casino, these jackpots can be large and upwards of 6-figures. Networked progressive jackpots are connected to other pokies across a network of online casinos that utilise the same software providers. Because this network is going to be massive, the jackpot potential is huge and can be upwards of millions in cold hard Aussie cash.

3D pokies

3D pokies are becoming increasingly popular in online casinos throughout Australia. These variants of free online pokies make use of the 3D graphics that you would find in cinemas, which gives free online pokies a better ability to give players a story or features through the added 3D graphics, animations and sounds. The bonus features in 3D pokies are also extraordinary and have great bankroll increasing bonuses.

Best Online Pokies strategy

Playing free online pokies in Australia is great, winning at free online pokies is even greater. Now, although we are about to share with you our top tips to winning at free online pokies, keep in mind that there are no guaranteed strategies or secrets to playing online pokies that guarantee wins. If you are looking for a casino game to play where you can dictate the game, check out our game guide for playing online blackjack here. That said, there are still several strategies or quick tips that you can use to significantly increase your chances of winning as you play free online pokies. Some of the tips may be straightforward, but we see so many players every day that slip up on some of the basic tips to playing online pokies in 2020.

The best free online pokies strategies and tips are based around the common understanding of how pokies and their house edge works, read on as we share with you our top 7 tips to playing free online pokies:

Bet maximum coins

Playing free online pokies is fun, especially considering you are playing with the adrenaline of landing a jackpot win. In many cases, online pokies sites require that you bet the maximum coins to activate the best jackpot for the game. Stipulations like this will always be kept in the terms and conditions for that free online pokies game – so be sure to always check these terms and conditions before playing.

There are many benefits to betting the maximum coins when playing free online pokies in Australia. Not only are you considered eligible for the maximum jackpots, but your ongoing winnings will be much higher betting the maximum coins.

To set this one out in an easy to read way, let’s consider a scenario where you are playing a free online pokies game where the game has a jackpot of 500x for 1 coin, 1000x for 2 coins, 1500x for 3 coins, 2000x for 4 coins and 4000x for 5 coins. As you can see, the jackpot figures here really escalated quickly when making the maximum coins bet. What this also does is increase the percentage of payouts for all other bets made on the machine too.

Many free online pokies games today have a variety of coin denominations when betting with your coins, so you must always check the payout tables before playing to learn the parameters of your game.

Don’t forget, play within your means. If you really cannot afford to bet the maximum coins, then don’t. As great as it would be to play with the jackpot loaded, there are still plenty of payouts to be had without hitting the jackpot.

Bet maximum pay lines

Generally, when playing free online pokies, betting the maximum pay lines triggers the largest jackpot. So, activating every pay line on the game is ideal, but if you cannot afford to do this with the maximum coins bet too, drop down to a lower coin denomination or if necessary, a lower dollar value game.

Although it may seem like we are going against our advice – the real advice here is that when it comes to playing real money and free online pokies, although the higher coin denomination games have better payout percentages, this is no way comparable to the risk of losing everything trying to play and bet out of your lane.

Playing free online pokies and betting with online pokies can be a dangerous pastime if you try to overreach your limits and comfort zone. The house will always have the edge, so you should not try and play outside of your means to reduce this. Remember, that when playing or betting with casino gaming – you should always play with the mindset that you will lose.

Slow it down

Slow it down Sally! The biggest mistake that online pokies players are making is that they think the world is ending and they have this unsurmountable advantage over the casino. Players take this incorrect mindset and keep spinning those reels as fast as they can – somehow thinking it will equal more money?

The best thing to do is to think that your current free online pokies session is akin to playing as a small team in football that is 1 nil up against the top team. Not familiar with football? Well, what this means is start playing defensively, park that bus and milk the clock down as fast as you can by drawing the game(s) out as long as you can. So, this means that you would be playing fewer spins per hour, meaning you get fewer bets in, meaning you risk as little as possible.

Our experts always suggest to players to always give themselves a target or win goal for the session. This suggestion does not just translate to free online pokies but to any of the online casino games. Give yourself a target and when you reach it, stop playing. Although this sounds very smart and reasonable, the problem is it also means that the player is being told to stop their online casino gaming hobby.

If you really are unable to stop playing once you reach your target, then consider trying to slow down your rate of play to as low as you can without stopping and walking away. Many players make the mistake of using the auto-play function, which sounds helpful as you do not need to keep pressing the spin button. It also means that you are speeding up your play and therefore playing the maximum amount of games per minute. It might not be a first-world problem, but pressing the spin button does add quite a bit of downtime between games, which saves players coins and money by risking fewer games each minute.

Stop with the zig-zag method

Ever heard of the zig-zag method? That is probably a good thing. In the spirit of sharing a good story, the zig-zag method was an extremely outdated strategy that was once popular with the original fruit slots, and mechanical machines of the 1970s. The idea behind this was that the reels would eventually start to line up, so you could find a machine with a zig-zag pattern to the winning symbols.

This method was really a stretch back in the 1970s, let alone in 2020 where it would be crazy to use this “iffy” logic, given that the free online pokies of today are based on simple random number generators. Believe it or not, there are some people around that believe this to be a true strategy, but we are here to continue urging players to not do this as the symbols on reels are just representations. They have no representation of the actual reel placement after spinning.

Accept that pokies really are luck-based and enjoy

The best strategy to playing free online pokies may also be quite the kick in the teeth if this statement comes as news to you in 2020. Remember this important announcement, when it comes to playing pokies – whether online or in-person – there is nothing whatsoever that you can do to influence the outcome of the spins. There are no superstitions, and certainly don’t pay money for dodgy eBooks or guides on Amazon or eBay from people supposedly having a guaranteed winning tool.

The best way to win while playing the online pokies is to manage your gaming and manage your spending. The rest comes down to luck and landing bonuses and free spins at the right time – also dependent on luck. So, instead of trying to gimp the outcome, just accept it that the pokies truly are a game of adrenaline, fun, and luck. Kick back and enjoy yourself while playing free online pokies at some of Australia’s best online casinos and find some online pokies that have really cool bonuses and features, so that when you do feel like playing with real money or an unmissable bonus comes up – you know exactly where to go!

Sign up to one of our reputable Australian casinos and play the best free online pokies today!

You’ve got all the knowledge needed to kick back and enjoy some of the best in free online pokies. We recommend you sign up for a player account with one of the reputable Australian online casinos listed in our expert prepared list today. These casinos have been checked over with a fine-tooth comb by our experts following our fair dinkum authority process ensuring that every Australian online casino offers players the best in security and safety, while also providing the best games, and valuable bonuses that aren’t gated behind ridiculous wagering requirements or tricks in the terms and conditions. We also put our email addresses on the line and check out the level of spam that these online casinos send out, which is an underrated value for players who are looking to play the best Australian free online pokies as many casinos sure love to send out marketing propaganda to their email lists.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the booming mobile gaming market and check out your favourite free online pokies that can be played through many Australian online casinos – right on your smartphone or tablet while on the go!