Play Pokies with Fair Dinkum Bonuses

The pokies have been a staple in the lives of Australians everywhere. Thanks to the laid-back gaming laws of Australia, no matter where you were, the pokies had a presence. From the pubs, clubs, and bistros, even the almighty RSL (rissole) the pokies were everywhere.

It is fitting to know that Australian online casinos also maintain the cult status of the pokies; whether they offer real money pokies or free pokies. There is a huge variety of classic and modern online pokies to win real money at online casinos. Read on and you will find out everything you need to know about playing real money pokies, even where to find online pokies with the best odds and bonus promotions to help you hit the jackpot easier.

The Best Australian Casinos for Playing Pokies





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Using No Deposit Free Spins

The Australian online casino market is very competitive, which means online casinos will always offer great bonuses to attract players. The MVP (Most Valuable Promo) of online pokies is currently the bonus offering free spins with no deposit requirement at all. These promotions could be your chance to win and cash out big with some seriously real money, and to do so you don’t even need to deposit a single cent into your player account. Doesn’t sound real? Read on to find the best online pokies in Australia for real money wins and free spins with no deposit.


As you will have picked up on by now, here at 5 Star Pokies we take reputation and value seriously. Our experts are always reviewing and following up with the online casinos on our recommendations list to ensure that the word of our experts and our team can always be relied upon by players – our fair dinkum authority process is what keeps our readers checking in as they really appreciate the time it takes to ensure no dodgy dingoes get through the fence!


On top of being reputable online casinos, our recommendations also include promotions and bonuses with generous value for players, and the no deposit free spins pokies bonus is very popular with Australian online casino players. The beauty of this bonus is that players can ‘test drive’ online casinos without risking a cent – potentially coming out of the bonus with some nice cash.


Claiming these no deposit free spins pokies bonuses is as easy as checking out the reputable casinos on our recommended bonuses page and signing up for a free player account. Login with your new player username and password and your free spins will be credited to your account just waiting for your cheeky hot press on your favourite online pokies. Now, being realistic,  the harder part is running your luck and converting those free spins into cash!

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Can I Withdraw My Bonus Cash If I Get Lucky?

There are some requirements for withdrawing the cash you earn through bonuses. These terms and conditions are always listed in the bonus, and you should make a habit of reading these terms and conditions first to understand what it is you must do to claim your cash. Our experts will always check these before making recommendations; however, you should still have a read over them too.


In most cases, before being able to withdraw your cash you will need to meet the wagering requirements for that specific offer. For example, you claim a great no deposit 100 free spins bonus offer through our recommend online casinos. The wagering requirements state that you must play all 100 free spins before being eligible for withdrawals. Now let’s consider that you claimed your offer and start playing with your 100 free spins, you get through 70 of your free spins—and hit the jackpot, winning a cool $100. Great! You want to take this cash and run because that’s a smart play to make being $100 up on no deposit, right? Unfortunately, you are not eligible to withdraw yet as you have not met the wagering requirements – which is playing all 100 free spins.


Not the worst position to be in as you only have 30 free spins remaining before you can cash out. If you continue playing and don’t get a single win in those spins, you might now only have $40 in winnings. Using common sense, this is still $40 from nothing—so a good day!


In addition to the wagering requirements, some online casinos have maximum withdrawal limits to protect themselves financially. These limits are often daily or also require a number of spins to be played before players can cash out the limit each day. Remember to check out the terms and conditions for all this information, as terms like these are standard in the industry today.


So, while you may not come out with tens of thousands in cash from playing no deposit free spins online pokies, in the best scenarios you will be able to withdraw some decent cash without paying a cent. You can check out our recommended no deposit free spins bonuses below.

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  • Pokies with the Best Odds

    You may be wondering just how realistic it is to find real money online pokies with the best odds given the nature of pokies producing random results at best. This is true to an extent, however, not all real money pokies are created equal. In fact, some online pokies may have different payout rates – otherwise known as the house edge – even though the same game is offered at different online casinos. This is because each casino has different terms and conditions which cover their bonuses and even the payout percentages of their casino games.

    What Are the Payout Rates for Australian Real Money Pokies?

    Across the Australian online casino marketplace, you will commonly find that the real money pokies with the best odds are the ones that have a high return to player rate. Now, you must remember that when comparing online casinos to the brick and mortar casinos, online casinos are a far better bet as they have a higher return to player rate.


    When it comes to finding online pokies with the best odds to play, we recommend playing real money pokies with a return to player rate of 95% or higher – this basically means that this pokie has a 5% house edge; so fairly decent odds compared to most online pokies.


    To break this 95% return to player rate, it means that this game is programmed to pay out 95 cents of every $1 bet as winnings and keep 5 cents for the online casino. Don’t forget that these payouts are random and that this is an average over time, which means that you won’t likely get 95 cents from every $1 you bet. So, real money pokies with a much higher house edge (or a lower return to player rate) will usually pay out much less than the same pokies with a lower house edge.


    On the opposite end of this, pokies with a lower house edge will pay out more frequently, but the payouts will be smaller. At the end of the day, whether you choose to play on high or low house edge pokies, the decision comes down to personal preference. As the outcome is random, it just matters who is riding a winning streak at the time!

    Types of Real Money Online Pokies

    To someone who does not know much about the world of online casinos or real money online pokies, it might not seem like there is much of a difference between the various versions of online pokies.


    However, this could not be further from the truth. Online pokies have come a long way since their humble beginnings as simple ‘fruit’ picking machines. This diversity in pokies means that online pokies truly is the game of the people, as there is something for everyone. 

    3-reel pokies

    These pokies are the closest players will find to the classic pokies from the past. Many 3-real pokies maintain their classic feel, using a range of symbols found on the classic machines like cherries, apples, the word bar, number 7, and more. Keeping with the classic theme, the sound effects are basic too and include bells, chimes and simple catchy tones.

    Classic 3-reel pokies generally have only one payline, but there are some that meet the fusion with modern games and have up to 5 paylines. Usually, these versions of real money pokies are low-volatility casino games. The real attraction to 3-reel real money pokies is that they offer players a very basic and simplified interface along with the affinity of playing classic games from another era. But the downside to playing this simple version of the pokies: although some are attached with jackpots, they rarely contain a link with the huge progressive jackpots that you would expect to find in the 5-reel pokies.

    5-reel pokies

    If you are looking for Australian online pokies for real money and no deposit, the chances are you will find what you are after with 5-reel pokies. These online pokies are the stock standard for online casinos across the world; with more reels, the software and casino game creators can take advantage of this extra realty and let their themes and features really shine. The result is a win for players as these real money online pokies become more fun, more engaging, and with the added paylines and progressive jackpots – potentially much more profitable for players.

    5-reel pokies are popular with Australian players who want to win real money because they offer so many chances to win; some 5-reel online pokies have as many as 243 ways to win. With these added paylines, players are then given the flexibility to control and change how much they spend on each spin, meaning players can play one line at couple cents or play many lines at a dollar each. So, if you are looking to play online pokies in Australia and win real money, we suggest you check out some of the popular 5-reel pokies on offer to Australian pokies players.

    7-reel pokies

    A rare sight in the current online pokies’ marketplace, 7-reel pokies are considered more of a gimmick than the common casino offerings. What players will find with this format of pokies is a wider possibility for scatter or wild options, even incredible prizes are on offer if a player is lucky enough to match 7 symbols in a row.

    Although 7-reel pokies are few and far between in online casinos, this version of pokies really shines in the mobile casino gaming space through the Google Play store or the iOS Apple store. The sale of real money casino apps is restricted outside of markets where they are licensed, but for Android users there is a workaround, as many online casinos offer these apps for download directly on their website. These 7-reel pokies are some of the easiest ways to win real money with Australian pokies from your mobile phone.

    Video pokies

    Video pokies is the term coined for pokies that feature animation or video graphics, which technically is every online casino pokie. What we are specifically referring to are the pokies that have more advanced graphics and not the common pokies that emulate the traditional machines with simple static images.

    Many video pokies offer exciting and interesting features that players love, along with added bonuses that aren’t found in traditional pokies. Features and bonus rounds that you would find on video pokies tend to display an alternative second screen for graphics and visuals during the bonus features. One of our favourites is the Aliens Pokies, which have shoot em’ up styled bonus rounds!

    Progressive jackpot pokies

    These are pokies that are linked with progressive jackpots, meaning a percentage of every bet placed on a progressive jackpot is applied to building up a jackpot. The longer that a progressive jackpot remains unclaimed, the larger the jackpot gets. There are 3 types of progressive jackpot pokies that you will find in Australian online casinos: standalone progressive jackpots, local progressive jackpots, and networked progressive jackpots.

    Standalone jackpots are simply contained within the pokie you are playing and are not linked with other pokies. This also means that the jackpot for standalone versions are not very large. Local jackpots mean that the pokies are connected to some other online pokies within the online casino, these jackpots can be large and upwards pf 6-figures. Networked progressive jackpots are connected to other pokies across a network of online casinos that utilise the same software providers. Because this network is always going to be massive, the jackpot potential is also massive and can be upwards of millions in cold hard Australian cash.

    3D pokies

    3D pokies are becoming increasingly popular in online casinos throughout Australia. These pokies utilise the 3D graphics that you would find in cinemas, which allows pokies to better play a story or features through the added effects of 3D graphics, animations and sounds. The bonus features in 3D pokies are also quite extraordinary and have great bankroll increasing bonuses.

    Real Money Pokies FAQ

    There is no specific winning strategy because online pokies are created using software like random number generators that determine the outcomes of spins; therefore the outcomes are unpredictable. Players can make use of online pokies tips to manage their payroll in order to not flame out quickly.

    Yes! Australia is a lucky country for many reasons. It just so happens that one of those reasons is that we have some of the best gambling and gaming laws in the world. While we have legislation that restricts the operation of online casinos within Australia, players can play in any online casinos that are operated from outside of Australia. Not to mention that in Australia, any winnings from casino gambling or online casinos are not taxed as earnings!

    Great question, and the answer is yes! Playing free online pokies, or otherwise practicing before you play with real money, is a very smart decision to make. Many Australian online casinos offer pokies that you can play for free, which allows you to try different machines and test out the pokies’ features and bonuses prior to putting real money on the line. While you can’t win real money, this is a great way to get comfortable with a game you may not be familiar with.

    Paylines are what determines whether a player has won on each spin. A payline is a row or a path of symbols across the pokie that allows players to win by matching symbols. The first of the paylines usually runs straight across the middle of the reels. Pokies often provide players with dozens of paylines across the reels, some of which form unusual patterns that go up and down reels like a snake. These alternative paylines are just some of the ways that online pokies are evolving to continue bringing players in with greater chances at success.

    The ultimate adrenaline rush, the gamble feature appears for many online pokies when you win real money after a spin. This feature gives you a chance at doubling your winnings through a simple game of chance, like flipping a coin and betting on the heads or tails outcome. These gamble features do not generally have a house edge as they are just a feature to offer a player the chance to “double or nothing” with their winnings. Nowadays, some online pokies have advanced gamble features which allow players to ‘protect’ a portion of their winnings at a cost of manipulating the chances of winning the gamble feature.

    Free spins are just that; spins that you are awarded which don’t use your bankroll. To earn free spins, players usually must match specific symbols on a payline or anywhere on the pokie. These spins are played for the same bet stakes that trigged the free spin, but cost you nothing. The best part of free spins is they often come with a multiplier for your winnings; meaning you get even more value!

    A scatter symbol is a special symbol that can provide players with a win regardless of where it lands on the reel. While regular symbols need to be matched across a payline, a scatter symbol wins if you land enough of them anywhere on the screen. In many Australian online casino pokies, the scatter symbols will also award players with free spins.

    Yes. There are a number of Australian online casinos that offer new players really good value, no deposit bonuses for playing real money pokies. All you need to do to claim these offers is check out our recommended bonuses page for reputable online casinos, and register a player account with the casino of your choice to claim the no deposit bonus.

    Yes! Many online casino gaming software providers have created pokies to play for real money on your favourite mobile devices like Android smart phones or tablets, iPhones, and iPads. As the mobile gaming market is still growing (albeit fast) the choice for pokies is not as wide as you would find through online casinos from your pc; however, there is no comparison to the convenience of mobile gaming.

    Many progressive jackpot pokies have a requirement in their terms and conditions that necessitates that players must bet the max to be eligible for the big progressive jackpot. Some online pokies do not have this stipulation, but it is advisable to place the max bet on all progressive jackpot pokies because this will mean you have more chances of winning.

    Yes. You can claim welcome bonuses that can be used when playing real money pokies with online casinos. We recommend always taking advantage of the bonuses and promotions available to get the best value for your money. Check out our recommended online casinos for welcome bonuses. Each offer has been vetted by our experts so that you can focus more on snagging a big win!

    All online casinos that you find recommended through our site are reputable and have been through our experts thorough, fair dinkum authority process to weed out any dodgy online casinos. All online pokies use the same types of software – which are random number generators – and are constantly being tested and reviewed by independent organisations to ensure they meet the requirements to be certified as compliant casino games.

    Realistically, in many cases, it does not matter whether a real money online pokie has paid out a big win recently to another player. So, this should not influence whether you continue playing or not. The beauty of playing online pokies is that they offer real money wins randomly; meaning despite popular belief pokies do not go ‘cold’ or ‘due’ for a big win.


    The only exception to this would really be a personal preference, but if you are playing online pokies that have a really low progressive jackpot, it means that it was recently awarded. So, if you are playing on that machine and trigger the progressive jackpot, you will have a much smaller jackpot then you would if you were playing on another machine with a higher jackpot.