Video Poker at Australian Online Casinos

This game is interesting as it is not quite the pokies, but it’s not quite poker too. Sitting somewhere between both very popular games is a version of poker that is a tonne less intimidating then it is to hit the poker tables at the top casino resorts in Australia. As you’d expect, there is a lot of hype and popularity in the online casino industry for online video poker. As a new player, and in the younger generation of players. Both continue to discover the great potential for earning big winnings in a reasonable timeframe. And they do this by playing with a great online video poker strategy.

Play Online Video Poker with Reputable Australian Casinos

Simply by looking back at the history of video poker, it is easy and great to see that the game has come full circle once again. Just like it was used to attract players who thought the pokies were not interesting enough to play, video poker is now bridging the gap between a new demographic of players that want to be able to play at home or on the move. Not being forced to head out to a brick-and-mortar casino.

To reach this level of success does take time and practice, which can be done by following and familiarising yourself with our online video poker game guide, followed by putting in the grind and playing video poker games online. You can also save cash while you practice by playing free online video poker games. So, continue reading on for our video poker game guide and we will also share with you a list of our sourced-by-experts, bonuses and reputable online casinos in where to play video poker in Australia. Not to mention where you can find all your favourite casino games too.




BitStarz Casino

BitStarz is one of the top-rated Australian gambling sites, and player satisfaction is at an all-time high. Players report incredible features, such as:

Generous weekly casino bonuses
Instant Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals
Highly rewarding games added monthly
Top-notch, 24/7 customer support


Pokies2go is another contender for the best real money online casino in Australia. Its noteworthy features include:

Extensive pokies and table game selection
Incredible bonuses
Live chat customer support
Friendly user interface

Rich Palms

If you’re looking for a fast-payout Australian Casino, look no further than Rich Palms. They’ve got everything you need to have an optimal gaming experience, including:

Bitcoin compatibility
Weekly no-deposit bonuses
New games monthly
Excellent VIP perks


100% up to 500 AUD

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Useful Tips to Help You Find the Best Online Video Poker Casinos

Online video poker is one of the most played games in the online casino industry, however, unless you get a royal flush during your playing session, you will lose out overall on video poker in the long run. This means that it is important to find an online casino that provides players with the best chance at making a profit and getting a royal flush. Doing this means looking for those rare payout percentages that are as close to 100% as you can find, which is also one of the benefits of playing online video poker.

Read on and check these useful tips to help you find the best online video poker casinos.

Check Out Our List of Recommended Australian Online Casinos

It is a no brainer, but we understand that sometimes players want to do their own research too. That is why we suggest that players do their own research on top of checking out our list of recommended online casinos in Australia, as this helps players to get a real understanding of what to look for in an online casino. Research is the key to finding the best online casinos for Australian players. And that is why 5 Star Pokies is here for you.

Find a Casino Offering a Full-Paying Online Video Poker Game

Although online video poker games have some of the best payout percentages available for Australian players, there is still a need to look for specific games of video poker that have optimal payout amounts. Once you find a ‘full paying’ game for online video poker – you will have great chances! All thanks to a low house edge and the maximum payout.

These ‘full paying’ online video poker games are the ones that have the highest payout amounts for video poker, so with this concept you have the best odds for scoring winning hands. As you will read further in this online video poker game guide, there are quite a few variants to video poker and of course each of these variants do have differing payout amounts. The percentages of payouts can also be different, but thankfully it is not difficult to figure out the payout amounts for games as the information is provided to players.

full paying video poker

If you have already been playing online video poker through Australian online casinos, you will have seen that every game displays the payout tables. This is usually done clearly to convey that ‘trust’ we spoke about earlier with players.

When it comes to the ‘full paying’ online video poker games, it is quite easy to figure out which games are offering the optimal payouts. What you are looking for is the figures for the payouts of a full house or a royal flush. A ‘full paying’ game should pay nine times your bet for a full house, and six times your bet for a royal flush. The seasoned Australian online casino players refer to these ‘full paying’ video poker games as 9/6 games (or machines but that is not technically correct as its just software).

So, finding a ‘full paying’ game and implementing the best online video poker strategy is critical to your success, as playing with optimal strategy maintains the house edge to a very low >1%. Meaning on average, the game will pay back 99 cents from every $1 you bet. Don’t get an ego and think that this means your cash out potential is invincible, as making poor strategy decisions will increase the house edge considerably. Do yourself a favour and stick to the best online video poker strategies we share with you in this game guide.

Look for the Best Online Video Poker Bonuses

Many Australian online casinos offer players great value bonuses or promotions to draw players in and register a player account. These bonuses are very competitive amongst the online casinos, and so we always give players the advice to take advantage of the best online casino bonuses and promotions, as they can be very lucrative towards cashing out. Many of the best online video poker bonuses will allow players to play for longer.

It is also common to see matched deposit amounts, meaning you could double down on your bankroll. Obviously having a larger bankroll means players have better chances at hitting the jackpot of a royal flush or full house. Check out our online casino bonuses page to find some of the best value promotions as recommended by our experts.

casino welcome bonus

The Importance of Customer Support

There is one factor that determines how players respond when it comes to buying things or using real money. Whether it is online or in person, players will only purchase or part with their cash if they have trust. The best way to building this trust with players is through providing next level customer support. Although, you might think having great customer support would be the forefront of many businesses, however, in the internet world this is not always a strong point of some online casinos.

For this reason, our experts’ list of the best and reputable online casinos in Australia is so important to us and to players. For us, we put our name out there when we put in words the online casinos that provide players with the best value. You will have heard this time and time again from us, and that is because we put in the hard yakka when it comes to reviewing and vetting potential online casinos in Australia.

customer support

The comprehensive and over the top inspection-like quality to our reviews is all part of our fair dinkum authority process. And for players, it means that by using our recommendations they can save a tonne of time in preliminary research. It also removes much of the risk associated with playing online video poker through the dodgy dingoes of the online casino industry.

Types of Video Poker

Just like traditional poker, there are several types of video poker that players can enjoy at the best Australian online casinos. Each of the different variants of video poker have different rules, so it is important to know about the game before you start playing – or else, you will risk your winnings. Some of the variants of video poker are linked to progressive jackpots, meaning you could earn a huge payday depending on the size of the video poker game and the online casino.

The payout percentages, or house edge, are also different with each type of video poker. We suggest that if you are keen on the rules of a particular form of poker, then it is best to stick to what you know. Read on below for a short breakdown of the most common types of video poker that you will find when playing at Australian online casinos.

types of video poker

Jacks or Better

If you want something that has stood the test of time and will likely be your old faithful and trusty source of video poker gaming – Jacks or Better is your game. If you are a new player to online video poker, we suggest starting with Jacks or Better and getting it under wraps first. Jacks or Better is very simple, and a heavy favourite as the most popular type of video poker being played today. To win a game of Jacks or Better, you simply must do as the name implies – get Jacks or Better.

Aces and Faces

Aces and Faces is a variant of the Jacks or Better type of video poker. The game is much like Jacks or Better, with the only real difference being the higher payout for four-of-a-kind outcomes with aces and face cards – thus the name.

Deuces Wild

This is the most commonly played type of video poker. In Deuces Wild, the deck uses the standard 52 cards, however, the twist is that the players can decide what the four ‘two-point’ cards and ‘deuces’ represent. While this makes the game slightly easier for players, this easier difficulty is also reflected in the payout rates. The reduced payout rates aside, Deuces Wild is a fun take on online video poker and spices it up.

Joker Poker

Are you a lover of added wild cards in your casino gaming? If this sounds like you, then Joker Poker will be a type of video poker that you fall in love with. This variant of video poker has a 53-card deck which is the standard deck plus the joker card, which acts as a wild card. In Joker Poker, the wild card can be substituted for any other card in order to complete a winning combination in your hand.

Best Online Video Poker Strategy

For new players, video poker games online can be rather daunting. But once you crack through the shell – video poker games are a lot of fun! Understanding the variety of rules, hands and rankings in video poker is very simple once broken down into parts. We aren’t surprised by the popularity and player interest behind video poker games online, because video poker was initially created as a fusion of poker and the pokies!

When you play video poker online, there is a subtle hidden beauty behind the foundation that is the attraction of video poker – it requires no interactions with a dealer or other players, so in a way, a player can have the same sense of relaxation from the casual nature of this solo playstyle, that is common in casino games like the pokies. Now, before we can share with you our experts’ very valuable tips and strategies towards video poker games online – you need to learn the basics of video poker and particularly, the structure and ranking of how hands and payoffs work.

Thinking with the goal of scoring big winnings, a royal flush is your biggest jackpot. But, being able to land a big payday involves some work – as there are some wits to knowing about your hand and what to look for when trying to draw a new hand.


What are the Winning Hands in Online Video Poker?

Payoffs in video poker are based on a hand ranking, with a hand consisting of five-cards.  The order of hands that you will be wanting are:

Royal Flush

Ace-King-Queen-Jack-Ten all the same suit (so all hearts, clubs, spades, or diamonds).

royal flush Online Video Poker
Straight Flush

Five cards in consecutive order of the same suit; for example, 10-9-8-7-6 of hearts.

straight flush Online Video Poker
Four of a Kind

Four cards of the same rank but for each suit; for example, queen of hearts, queen of spades, queen of diamonds, and queen of clubs.

4 of a kind Online Video Poker
Full House

Three cards of one rank, two cards of another rank; for example, ace of diamonds, ace of spades, ace of hearts; and 7 of clubs and 7 of diamonds.

full house Online Video Poker

Five cards that are all the same suit; for example, ace, jack, 8, 5, and 7, all of diamonds.


Basic Strategies for the Best Online Video Poker Hand Rankings

Thankfully for players, online video poker has some very simple rules when it comes to deciding whether to hold or discard of any cards in your first hand.  When it comes to implementing online video poker strategy, there is a basic variant and some more complex strategies to determine the rankings of video poker hands. Thanks to our wonderful video poker experts, this guide will provide you with everything you need to know when it comes to understanding when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em.

Follow these simple strategies and you can vastly improve your chances at raking in some solid winnings over the course of your video poker playing time.

Always hold onto a royal flush, straight flush, four-of-a-kind, three-of-a-kind, two pair, or a full house.  However, when you have two pairs, or a three-of-a-kind, ensure that you:


Discard the remaining two cards (in a three-of-a-kind) for a chance at a four-of-a-kind or for a full house

Discard the fifth card (in a two-pair hand) for a chance at a full house


Certain discard or break up rules apply if you have drawn a flush or straight. However, these should only be used when you have four cards to a royal flush.

So, if you are holding an ace-king-queen-jack-five that are all of hearts, discard the five to improve your chance at pulling in a big payday by drawing a ten of hearts. This is a very positive strategy as it still gives you an opportunity of getting:


a flush if you happen to draw any other heart

a pair of jacks or better with any ace, king, queen or jack

a straight if you draw a 10 of clubs, spade or diamond


You should always discard and break up a pair of jacks or better if you are also holding four cards in a royal flush, or four cards to a lower straight flush. Consider this hierarchy – it is better to keep a low pair instead of a single higher card like an ace, king, queen or jack.

If you have an inside straight, you never draw cards to complete a hand consisting of a four-card inside straight – which is when the card that you are missing is in the middle rather than on either end. The exception to this would be if your hand included three high cards.

Let’s say you have a four-card open straight, (which is a straight that has open ends on either end of the combo of cards to complete the hand). As an example, pretend your hand consisted of a five-six-seven-eight – this could then be completed by drawing a four on the lower end, or a nine on the upper end to complete a straight.

poker hands

5 Simple Video Poker Betting Tips Every Player Should Know

Once you have used our guide above to find the best online video poker casino site, and are ready to start implementing the basic strategies, we suggest that you reflect on the types of bets that you are making when playing online video poker. Once you have considered your current process, read on. If you are not making these 5 simple video poker real money betting tips, then you really need to step up and change your betting style to include these essential tips. They could seriously increase your winnings potential!

Always Bet the Max

Your focus when playing online video poker games should always be to wager the maximum amount of coins – so that you can maximise any payouts on winning hands.

The reason for this is very simple. Most video poker games like Jacks or Better offer the best payout for a royal flush (which is your jackpot for players who are used to playing the pokies). So, playing video poker with the maximum wagered coins gives you a chance to maximise your winnings and bonuses when you do score that elusive four aces or jackpot with a shiny royal flush! To put this into perspective, the payout ratio for that sweet royal flush you could land is 800 to 1. But, if you are wagering just the minimum amount of cash for each hand, the payout ratio for a royal flush will reduce significantly – to approximately 250 to 1.

Now, even if you aren’t seeking maximum payouts, with winning hands on maximum bets – which is very unlikely seeing as we’d all love to get some free cash – you can always choose to double your winnings by betting against the dealer’s card. You can do this by choosing from the deck. If you guess correctly multiple times, you can quickly give your winnings a huge boost by doubling or tripling the payout.

It must be said that if you aren’t going to play the maximum and wager five-coin bets, then you should consider not playing for a royal-flush and focus on a more consistent lower hand strategy.

bet Online Video Poker

Play for the Appropriate Stakes

Always play smart and gamble responsibly. Everyone wants to win and most of us will win some of the time, however, always be mindful of those tough to swallow losing streaks. You should never gamble with anything that you are not happy to lose. As a rule of thumb, if you can’t afford to lose it then don’t use it.

Think of it this way, if you lose one hundred credits and won’t be able to afford rent or your mortgage, then you need to reconsider your gambling strategies and lower your stakes. Pay attention to the paytables of video poker games and the minimum wage requirements when you are choosing your next online casino video poker game.

Consider easing into your gaming. Start at the low end and play with modest amounts because this can be the difference maker in the long run. Not everyone is lucky and continually pulls in big pay days, so this method will help you to afford ‘it’ when the punches are dished out. Importantly, enjoy playing online video poker and make sure that you maintain a smart approach to gambling so that you never leave a table with large hits to your purse.

poker chips

Make the Most of Free Games for Practice

One of the greatest features in online video poker is the ability to practice in free games. Not every online casino provides this feature for online video poker games, however, the online casinos that our experts reviewed and recommended over on our list of casinos to play at – all offer the chance to play the best online video poker free games.

The free games features are underrated, so practice playing your hand today! Don’t fall into a routine and underestimate the power of familiarity! Develop a habit of playing one game and practice at every opportunity before you start playing for real money. We assure you that with the added practice, you will find that over time you will begin to master the common strategies for online video poker, as your knowledge of pre-draw hand rankings for those winning hands becomes more fluent.

practice video poker

Video Poker FAQ

Online video poker is very simple. The hands and payoffs are like traditional poker and based on the five-card draw poker, using the stock standard 52-card deck. Once you have made your wager and pressed the ‘deal’ button you are dealt a hand of 5 random cards.

Now you must decide which cards you would like to hold and which you would like to discard. By clicking the cards, you mark those that you want to hold onto. Then you press ‘draw’ for the game to discard any cards and replace with new cards to fill your hand. Any winnings you earn are determined by the cards in your final hand, and the pre-determined paytables for that specific online video poker game you are playing.

Basically, online poker is a take on the traditional poker games, where players are facing off against other players. Online poker takes this traditional format online as a ‘live’ game style. Video poker games on the other hand, are like the pokies. They take the format of poker but remove the need for other players. This means that in video poker, the aim of the game is to draw a hand which meets the hand payouts like a royal flush etc.

If you are newcomer to the online video poker games, then we suggest you don’t try and reinvent the wheel and stick to the simple and relatively straight forward version of the game – Jacks or Better.

Yes. Playing online video poker free games is the best way to learn the rules of the varying types of video poker, and allow you to test your skills before risking your real money. You can play free games of online video poker through almost all the Australian online casinos listed on our recommendations page.

No. You do not need to download any software to play games of online video poker. Many Australian online casinos provide the option to players to download their software to play through the client on their PC. However, most online casinos now offer web-based applications that allow players instant play in all their favourite games.

Now that you know how to play video poker and have the ins and outs of winning, you are ready to jump in the deep end and swim on your own! To get you started on your way, make the most of one of our great bonuses offers that you will find on our bonuses page and ditch all the hard yakka. Sign up with a reputable Australian online casino from our list of legit casinos and get ready to cash in on those bonuses with a cheeky jackpot in no time!