5 Most Glamorous European Casinos

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Gambling in casinos is one of the most thrilling and exciting experiences, you can find. Gambling has the potential to provide an excellent source of entertainment for both veterans and inexperienced players alike. Gambling has become so popular that some tourist destinations have established their economy exclusively in casino and gambling industry such as Macau and Las Vegas – the world’s biggest gambling destinations. They provide excellent spots for tourists who travel from all over the world to take part in gambling and betting activities.

Owing to this fact, every casino gambling establishment is seeking to provide its consumers with an impressive first impression. European casinos are also fast catching up to the likes of Las Vegas and Macau casinos. They have some of the world’s oldest casinos with some having been open for more than two centuries and have served as favorite spots for audacious aristocrats. European casinos boast of enormous indoor spaces with ultra-modern, notable, and excellent facilities and acreage of sprawling grounds. Let us look at five of Europe’s most glamorous casinos.

Casino De Monte Carlo, Monaco, France

Casino de Monte Carlo is possibly the world’s most celebrated onshore casino. It has positioned itself as an exclusive and upscale gambling outlet with the royal family of Monaco as well as the government of Monaco holding majority shares in its stake. It has been in existence since 1863 and is arguably one of the oldest casinos in the world.

This popular European casino covers approximately 108,000 square feet with more than 1000 video pokies and more than 300 electronic tab games. Some of the games available in the casino include baccarat, blackjack, stud poker, craps, and roulette. The grounds also host the opera house Les Ballets de Monte Carlo and the Grand Theatre de Monte Carlo. It also houses 18 different bars and restaurants. Casino de Monte Carlo offers a luxurious feel as it houses some of the most delightful spaces to game around. The gaming rooms are reserved solely for foreigners as the law bars the residents of Monaco from them.

From its inception, Casino de Monte Carlo has established itself as a popular destination for international stars, celebrities, and intellectuals. You are likely to bump into people with poker skills and money in this casino.

In popular culture, the casino is closely linked to the popular fictional spy, James Bond. It was the location for several James Bond movies. Therefore, to get that feel, be sure to visit the casino for a world-class experience.

Casino di Campione, Como, Italy

Located in Campione d’Italia, on the banks of Lake Lugano within the boundaries of Switzerland, is one of Europe’s most unique and iconic casinos. It was established in 1914 and was initially used to lure foreign emissaries and obtain delicate, sensitive information from them during World War I.

In 2007, it moved into new premises. Renowned Swiss architect Mario Botta designed the new venue, and painter Girolamo Romeo designed the interiors. Setting foot in Casino di Campione feels like stepping into a palace or a museum. Covering nine floors and over 590,000 square feet, the casino boasts over 56 table games and over 500 pokies for players to enjoy. Some of the popular games include blackjack, chemin de fer, punto banco, roulette, and state of the art digital gaming tables. The casino hosts several tournaments weekly with its most anticipated event being the Baccarat Torneo D’inverno held during the winter. Because of this, the casino is known to attract some of the world’s best baccarat players. It also has three floors dedicated to customer parking. It also prides itself as the largest employer in Campione d’Italia municipality.

Casino di Campione has wonderful views of the lake and at night, the casino gets illuminated so you can see it clearly all the way across the lake while standing at the city waterfront of Lugano.

Resorts World Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Resorts World Birmingham is the largest casino in the United Kingdom. It opened its doors in 2015. It was the first resorts attraction in Europe and its construction cost 150 million pounds taking about two years to complete. The Genting-owned establishment is centrally located in the city’s NEC district and boasts of restaurants, bars, shops, a four-star hotel, and a spa. The complex offers more than 200 games, including the three-card poker and hosts the famous Fahrenheit restaurant. It provides VIP private rooms, and players get a chance to learn the laws of different games by taking part in learning to play sessions. Furthermore, it offers private gaming rooms for hire for those visiting the casino for private or special events.
Resorts world is a dynamic place that offers thrilling and distinctive activities adding to the nightlife of the city.

Casino Estoril, Lisbon, Portugal

Casino Estoril Lisbon

Fourth on the list of the most glamorous European casinos is Casino Estoril in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon.

The casino was first opened in 1916 and was considered a reserved meeting point for spies taking part in World War 1. Covering over 27,000 square foot with over 200 pokies, the casino provides players with a substantial variety of games including blackjack, French bank, Caribbean stud poker, and roulette. Despite operating from 3pm-3am from Sunday-Thursday and 4pm-4am on Fridays, Saturdays and National holidays, casino Estoril still thrives as one of Europe’s premier casino.

Furthermore, the casino boasts of several world-class restaurants like the Nobre Estoril, Zeno Lounge, Mandarim, and the restaurant Praia Do Tamariz.

The casino offers free admission to any person above the age of 18 for all the common forms of gambling. It also holds popular poker tournaments throughout the year. If you are seeking to explore the nightlife of the city, Jezebel nightclub is the perfect spot to visit on Fridays and Saturdays.

The Casino At The Empire, London, United Kingdom

First opened in 1884 and housed in the old Victorian opera house in the West End of London on Leicester square. The casino at the empire is owned and operated by one of the largest casino operators-Caesars Entertainment. With more than 55,000 square feet of space and over 150 games, the casino provides exhilarating and fun games throughout the year. The lively atmosphere and beautiful look makes the casino one of the most favourite spots among gaming fans. The casino offers a unique range of games such as pai gow, American roulette, and punto banco and a wide variety of classic games for those who prefer the usual games. It has arguably the best poker rooms in the United Kingdom and those interested in the games; this is the perfect spot that will offer you satisfaction. The casino at the empire also offers a wide selection of tournaments and leagues for regular players.

In addition to the games, the casino’s restaurants offer some of the city’s most exquisite cuisine with the Icon Balcony bar and the Carlsberg Sports Bar offering light refreshments.

What’s your favourite European Casino?

Let us know in the comment section below and tell us why you think it’s the best. You can also try out some of these casinos straight from your phone visit our live casino section to find out more.

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