Live Casinos in Australia

Since their humble beginnings in the 1990s, online casinos have advanced considerably in many different ways. One of the most noticeable aspects is the variety of games players have access to nowadays. In addition to different kinds of slots and table games, technological advancement has also made live dealer games possible. 

Not only that, but it seems that live casino games are among the top choices for Australian players when it comes to online gambling. This is entirely reasonable considering the fact that live dealer games are a perfect blend of online gambling and a land-based casino experience. 










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What Is a Live Casino?

In today’s article, we will reveal the essential features of live casinos in Australia. If you want to learn what this type of game has to offer, how to choose the best live casino, and discover the best live dealer games, keep scrolling! 

The term live casino stands for a type of online casino game that, instead of using the RNG software, features a human dealer and is played in real-time. Essentially, you’re playing against real persons instead of a computer. 

Live casino games use streaming technology, meaning that you can watch a dealer dealing cards in real-time while also being able to place bets and even chat with other players who’ve joined the session. The games are usually streamed from special studios designed especially for this purpose or even from some prominent casinos around the world. 

These games feature professional dealers and actual casino equipment. Therefore, they are the closest players can get to a real brick-and-mortar casino experience from the comfort of their homes. This is one of many reasons Australian players enjoy playing live casino games. 

Why Should You Play Live Casino Games?

As we’ve already mentioned, live casino games are a perfect compromise between the convenience of online gambling and the authenticity of a real, land-based casino. Therefore, one of the main advantages of live casinos is that players get to experience the authentic casino atmosphere without dressing up for the occasion. 

One of the features that further enhance this experience is the ability to interact with the live dealer and other players who’ve also joined the table, just like you would if you were in a physical casino. 

Another reason players usually choose live casino games is the absence of random number generator software. Although RNG games are thoroughly tested by many third-party organisations, it seems like players find it difficult to trust these kinds of games. 

With live casino games, you can play with peace of mind while still enjoying all of the benefits of an online casino. These games feature live human dealers and real casino equipment instead of computers calculating the games’ outcome. 

How to Choose the Best Live Casino

Although live casinos offer some fantastic benefits to players, it is important to note that not all of them are made equal. Therefore, it is important to know what features you need to pay attention to while choosing the best live casino to play in. These include the variety of games on offer, the software providers supplying the games, and the players’ safety and security. 

One of the most important features of any live casino is the quality of the software it uses. Therefore, it is paramount to choose a live casino that has partnered with some of the industry’s most notable software providers. 


These companies develop top-grade games and platforms, ensure the complete professionalism of their live dealers, and deliver the best live streaming quality. After all, a choppy, poor-quality video and a lagging platform are real buzz-killers, and no one wants that. 


Some of the most prominent live casino software providers to look out for include Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Playtech, and Ezugi. 

Another essential feature of a great online casino is the variety of games it has to offer. The best live casinos out there feature hundreds of tables and let you choose between different types of games. 


You should keep an eye out for some of the most popular games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, live casino hold ‘em, sic bo, three-card poker, Dragon Tiger, hi-lo, craps, and game shows.


High-quality live casinos also offer games in multiple languages and more flexible options when it comes to bet sizes. Most games in these casinos accept a wide range of bets, making them suitable for both recreational players and high-rollers.


On top of that, you can find games with only small bet sizes perfect for those players who want to experience the thrill of live dealer games without breaking the bank. On the other hand, if you are a high-roller searching for some more risk and excitement, you can find exclusive tables that allow you to bet head-spinning amounts.

One of the most exciting and attractive features of any online casino is the bonuses and promotions it offers to its players. While many casinos offer only welcome bonuses and deposit bonuses you can use on slots and table games, the best casinos also offer live dealer game promotions aimed at players who enjoy live casino games. 


These bonuses give you a chance to double or even triple the amount you intend to play with, thus increasing your chances of scoring much higher payouts. On top of that, many casinos offer VIP programs that bring increasingly high rewards based on your level. 

Wherever you are doing anything online, it is crucial to make sure your information is safe, and you are protected against fraud. This is especially true in the case of online casinos, not only because you need to share a lot of banking and personal details to be able to play but also because you are playing using real money. 


To make sure you are protected against fraud, you need to choose a casino that is properly licensed and regulated by one of the official licensing bodies. Also, you want to make sure the casino uses contemporary encryption and security protocols such as 128-bit SSL encryption to protect your sensitive information from unauthorised access.

Top Live Casino Games

As we’ve already discussed, the range of games a live casino offers to its players is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a high-quality Aussie live casino. There are many live casino games you can play, but not all of them enjoy the same popularity. This section will discuss the most sought-after games you can find in every good live casino.

Most Popular Pokies

Live Roulette

Being another massively popular casino game, it makes sense that we would find roulette in a live dealer version, as well. 

There are different types of roulette available online, but the game’s basic rules are the same. There is a wheel containing red and black slots with numbers from 1 to 36 on them and one or two green-coloured zero slots, depending on whether the game variant you’re playing is European or American roulette. The players choose a number or a group of numbers and a bet amount they want to place. The dealer then spins the wheel and throws in a roulette ball. The number the ball lands on is the winning number.

Although the basic rules are pretty straightforward, there are different types of bets you can place that make the game even more exciting. Some of the most prominent roulette games you can find in Australian live casinos include Lightning Roulette and Immersive Roulette by Evolution Gaming, Quantum Roulette by Playtech and Authentic Roulette Double Wheel by Authentic Gaming. 

Live Casino Hold’em

Casino Hold’em is the most commonly played poker variant in both live and land-based casinos. It is a fast-paced game in which players try to make the best five-card hand and beat the dealer. 

At the beginning of the game, players place the mandatory ante bet and the optional bonus bet, after which the players and the dealer are dealt two hole cards each. The dealer also places three shared community cards known as the flop on the centre of the table. 

After the dealer places a bet, players can choose to fold and give up their bets or call the bet until the remaining two community cards are revealed. The best hand wins the game. Players can also win the game regardless of their cards if the dealer doesn’t have the qualifying hand (a pair of fours or better).

Many software providers offer live casino hold’em games, but the most notable are Playtech, Fresh Deck, and Evolution Gaming.

Live Baccarat

Baccarat is a comparing card game between two sides — the player and the banker. There are three possible outcomes to each round of play — banker, player, and tie. The game starts with players placing their bets on any of these outcomes. Cards 2 to 9 are face value, an Ace is worth one, and 10s, jacks, kings, and queens have no value. 

The dealer deals two cards for the player, and two for the bank, the sum of the cards is counted, and whichever side has a hand sum closest to nine wins the round. If the cards’ sum is greater than nine, you must drop the first digit to get the value.

You can double your bet if you opt for the player side and you win. On the other hand, since the odds favour the bank, you only win 95% of your wager if you place the banker bet.

We recommend that you look out for Baccarat Dragon Bonus by Ezugi and Baccarat Squeeze by Evolution Gaming for a high-quality baccarat experience.

Live Game Shows

In addition to a plethora of table games, most Australian live casinos also feature different game shows. In contrast to most table games, the outcomes of game shows depend on pure luck. Therefore, these kinds of games are suitable for beginners, as they are not difficult to play and there is no strategy involved.

Live game shows are streamed from luxurious themed studios, with live presenters as hosts. They usually feature bright colours and dynamic sounds to ramp up the excitement. Some of the most notable game shows you can find in most live casinos include Mega Wheel by Pragmatic Play, Adventures Beyond Wonderland by Playtech, and Dream Catcher and Monopoly Live by Evolution Gaming.

Final Thoughts

With live casinos, as with anything in life, finding the right fit is a matter of trial and error. However, we hope that we’ve spared you some effort by breaking down the essential features an excellent Australian live casino should possess. With that said, we wish you good luck in your next gambling session! Enjoy high-quality live casino games, but always remember to play responsibly.

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