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How and Why to Use Max Bet at Online Casinos

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Playing online casino games like the pokies can be a grouse experience for players, especially when winning.  So imagine this: you are playing the pokies and suddenly you win big. But then you find out that your winnings are significantly lower than they should be. This sounds like a nightmare for most casino goers!  Maybe … Read more

Revealing the 7 Most Common Baccarat Myths | 5StarPokies

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Ask any knowledgeable casino gambler in Australia, and they will likely tell you that Baccarat is a game not to sleep on. However, before you head down the path of baccarat stardom, make sure you check out our list of the seven most common baccarat myths that we reveal below. While these aren’t necessarily aimed … Read more

How to Find Slot Machines that are Most Likely to Hit

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Slots are a classic favourite for casino goers all over the world.  From exciting graphics to progressive jackpots, slots have everything it takes to provide endless entertainment.  Plus, playing with a small wager gives you the opportunity for some hefty wins.  Despite being a luck-based game, there are a few tips and tricks that can … Read more

Why do Casinos Use Chips Instead of Cash?

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Players have often wondered why do casinos use chips instead of cash. Well, there are a few reasons as to why casinos benefit from using chips over money. Here you will find what some of these benefits are and why the casinos made the move to a cashless gambling system. Casino Chips from a Historical … Read more

Slots Tournaments: How Do They Work?

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Players are drawn to slots tournaments (otherwise known as pokies tournaments) because of their simplicity. Joining in is just as easy as playing the pokies themselves (seriously, it is easy – there is no need to learn how to cheat them), play the particular games the tournament rules refer to, and hope the lucky stars … Read more

What Is The Most Profitable Sport To Bet On?

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Sports betting is becoming popular throughout the world as more countries begin to regulate the industry, making it legal to bet on sports.  This is nothing new to Aussies, as we’ve been able to enjoy a cheeky bet on the footy with the best sports betting websites for as long as we can remember. But … Read more

Gambling Tipping Etiquette

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As a regular practice, you always tip your waiter or delivery boy out in the ‘real’ world. Unfortunately, when it comes to tipping etiquette inside a casino, most players are unsure of the correct way to tip. Most people tend to tip too much or too little, so we will try to give you some … Read more

Pros and Cons of Online Poker

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The Pros and Cons of Online Poker Poker is a top choice among casino gamblers and played by punters in both Australia and across the world. Still, there are a significant number of players who avoid it because of the intimidation factor that comes with playing a game with many moving parts. Aussie punters can … Read more

Five Rules On How To Save Your Online Poker Bankroll

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It doesn’t matter how good of a poker player you might be, at some point during your gambling time, you will have overstepped on at least one of these five rules on how to save your online poker bankroll. Don’t worry, it happens to all players, even the best of us. We conducted some player … Read more