How to Find Slot Machines that are Most Likely to Hit

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Slots are a classic favourite for casino goers all over the world. 

From exciting graphics to progressive jackpots, slots have everything it takes to provide endless entertainment. 

Plus, playing with a small wager gives you the opportunity for some hefty wins. 

Despite being a luck-based game, there are a few tips and tricks that can maximise your winnings!

Luckily for you, we are sharing our expert advice on how to find slot machines that are most likely to hit. 

Choose the Highest Payout Slot

The best slot to play is one that has a high RTP – Return to Player percentage – you can find out which ones are best by searching online before you play. 

Many casinos provide information on their website with all you need to know about the RTP of their games. A suitable RTP does not mean that an individual payout is more significant, but that the returns on amounts wagered are high. An RTP of 96% or higher should be what you look for.

Volatility (or Variance)

Volatility means the level of risk you are taking when playing a slot. Low volatility means small, frequent wins, and high volatility means massive wins, but less frequently. 

It can be challenging to find information on the variance of a slot, so we suggest ‘free’ play to check out the returns and their size. 

Another option is to search the web for the variance of your chosen slot. Using welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses and free spins is another great way to do your research.

Increase The Size of Your Wager

As with all gambling, the more you wager, the more you could win. The bigger jackpots do not pay out on small wagers, so check the required size of bet you must place before you start to play.

Use Reviews

You can easily find reviews of casinos you are considering playing at. Other players will write about their experiences, good and bad, and are of great help to you.

Avoid Casino Favourite Slots

When possible, you should look for a slot that does not appear in promotions and averts. Do not choose the most obvious slot or one that is based on your favourite TV show, movie or sport. It is likely that the cost was higher creating that game and therefore the RTP will be lower.

Promoted games are less likely to have a high RTP and will probably be a low variance game. Your best bet is to search the online casino site or wander around the land-based casino searching for the lesser-known slots. The classics are still the best option.

Using Your Free Spins

One of the biggest headaches to any casino game is the rules for wagering. When using your free spins, it is best to look for ‘no cap’ winnings and no special rules to play.

Loose Slots

If you have been playing for some time without any real success, it is time to move. You are looking for a loose slot (a machine with a high payback percentage). 

While you may be tempted to test your luck or feel that the machine will likely pay out soon, it is actually worth it to move on to another. 

Remember to Set Your Limits

As with all gambling, you must be sure to play responsibly. Decide on your safe level of loss before you begin to play, and stick to it. Chasing losses is more likely to increase your losses than bring you a windfall.

How to Decide on Which Slot To Play

Once you have carried out the proper research, you should be able to select your best option.

Your inquiry will provide you with valuable information on volatility, RTP, wagering requirements and limits. In conclusion, you should:

  •  Read our game reviews;
  •  Look for high payouts;
  •  Choose your preferred slot volatility;
  •  Select high RTP games;
  •  When joining an online site look for the low wager bonuses on offer; and
  •  Ensure that your preferred online casino is correctly licenced.

The above method may not allow you to win every time but should give you better returns and increase the level of fun you experience. And who knows – today could be the day you hit that jackpot you’ve been chasing! 

Good luck and enjoy.

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