6 Great Tips to Stop Losing at the Pokies

For people who love online gambling and playing pokies, the adrenaline rush of a big score can be a thrill unlike any other. Be on the other side of the coin, however, and your spirits will dampen quite quickly. Here at 5 Star Pokies, we’ve been playing online for quite a while and have compiled our best tips on how to avoid losing at pokies when playing online. 

Keep these tips in mind to avoid significant losses. Don’t let the fun spiral out of control and turn into a problem.


Always stick to a budget and don’t go over it

The top tip for how not to blow all your money is to research how much money you can responsibly afford to play with. If you have $1,000 to play with for the day or week, keep that number in mind and don’t go over it. The “just one more game” thought process will ensure you lose at pokies.

If you feel like you could use an extra bit of cash to play with, but don’t have the budget, then find an online casino that has an incredible deposit bonus so you can play with more for longer.


Try out the game first

Sometimes, certain games are not right for certain people. Whether it’s the lack of understanding, lack of fun, or particular inclination toward a specific game, online casino players should make sure they test out the game first to know its rules. 

Avoid hitting the max button right out of the gates and brush up on pokie machine volatility.


Never think a machine is heating up

You’ve been sitting on a particular virtual machine, and you’ve been unlucky thus far. It’s only a matter of time before the machine heats up and starts paying off your patience, right?


This type of thinking is very common with people who think they’ll be able to win big, or even the jackpot, if they sit at a specific virtual machine for a day, a week, or even a month at a time. This kind of thinking is false and should be avoided at all times. Sure, if you have some superstition, you can play on a particular machine for a certain amount of time, but the more time you spend believing a machine is going to hit big just because it’s been bad for so long will leave you broke.


Always set limits

One huge advantage of playing online pokies over traditional machines in-house is the option for you to set money limits with every spin, hand, or roll of the dice.

You can input how much you’d like to wager on every play and can even close your account if you feel like you’ve lost too much. Make sure you self-exclude if you have a gambling problem.


Take a break

Make sure you are not making betting decisions based on pure emotion and adrenaline. Doing so often spells trouble for many online casino players. If you think you are playing too long or losing too much, find a way to remind yourself to step away for at least an hour or more.

Avoid the max button when your emotions are running high.


Make sure it’s for fun

Playing pokies online is a great national pastime and can be a tremendous amount of fun. But, like most things in life, most good things eventually come to an end. Too much of one thing can often become a problem or even an addiction.

Never play with more than you have, and make sure that you are playing for fun, not financial stability. If you have issues with gambling, your friends at 5StarPokies are here to help.


Give someone a Call

It doesn’t matter if you feel that the problem is online or offline. You can always avail of a number of free services that are there to help and ready to help you.

Gamblers Help:

Website: GamblingHelp.org

Phone number (1800 858 858


Got a tip of your own leave a comment in the box below and let’s help each other!


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