Slots Tournaments: How Do They Work?

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Players are drawn to slots tournaments (otherwise known as pokies tournaments) because of their simplicity. Joining in is just as easy as playing the pokies themselves (seriously, it is easy – there is no need to learn how to cheat them like these poor souls did), play the particular games the tournament rules refer to, and hope the lucky stars that you get big wins to move up the ladder.

At the end of the tournament, prizes are awarded to players who come out on top or in the winning places, which can be anywhere from top three down to top ten or twenty. The beauty of playing in these slots tournaments is that anyone can get involved regardless of skill level.

Now, we know that these tourneys are simple to get into, but how do they work? Here we will cover a range of the different slot tournaments that you can expect to find at Australian online casinos.

Different Types of Slots Tournaments

Timed Tournaments

In a timed tournament, each player will receive a set number of credits and a specific period to play them. Any credits a player wins are added as a separate bankroll, and if not used within the time period, they are lost altogether.

Limited Credits

These are specific tournaments where the credits that players use are limited, meaning players receive a specific allocation of credits and continue playing until their bankroll has been drained! 

This includes any extra credits that are won through spins. This style of tournament is very popular with Aussies — it feels more like the last man standing type situation and a test of luck and endurance rather than pumping in plenty of cash.

Multiple Duration

Increasingly popular across casinos and online casino sites are tournaments that last several days, weeks, or even an entire month. With these tournaments, players can buy back into the game or want to continue pushing up the rankings.

While many casinos offer these tournaments, joining will be a choice players need to weigh up because with players being able to spend their own cash to participate, there is an understanding that only the whales or big spenders ever win.

How Do These Tournaments Work?

All tournaments will follow a simple format: spend time playing designated slot(s) within a particular period, while using an allocated number of spins or your own bankroll. 

Every spin and every win moves players up the rankings, intending to make it to the top for the grand prize. Now, as we mentioned already, there are three different types of slots tournaments in terms of play and how long they run for.

When we look at how slot tournaments are run, two methods determine what the competition will look like, and these are having an open player base or being reserved as an invitational to VIP. Each of these can be played with winnings or prizes that are predetermined, or be dependent upon splitting up entry fees.

Open or Invitational Tourneys

Tournaments can either be joined through an invitation, which is typically reserved for regular casino goers or VIP. The opposite to this is an open tournament that allows anyone player to join.

Many invitational tournaments will include entry fees, whereas the average open-format competition will be more or less a free-for-all with no entry fees.

Tournament Strategies

There isn’t much that can be done to guarantee better results with pokies; however, you can focus on improving your skills – speed and concentration – to enhance chances of doing better overall.


Playing fast is crucial in pokies tournaments, especially timed tourneys. While it makes the game less enjoyable, we would recommend not focusing on your wins and just burning through your credits for the end.


Always ensure that you are concentrating on your gameplay, if you play online, make sure that you are in a quiet environment without distractions, and if you are playing at a brick and mortar casino, make sure to not focus on what other players are doing.

To put it simply, the best strategy is to stay focussed, play fast, and enjoy it!

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