What Is The Most Profitable Sport To Bet On?

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Sports betting is becoming popular throughout the world as more countries begin to regulate the industry, making it legal to bet on sports. 

This is nothing new to Aussies, as we’ve been able to enjoy a cheeky bet on the footy with the best sports betting websites for as long as we can remember.

But what is truly the most profitable sport to bet on?

It is a question that can’t be answered easily because it really depends on the level of sports knowledge you have and the amount of time you have available to invest in learning the ins-and-outs.

Comparing Australian Sports Betting With The World

For Aussies, we love to bet on our homegrown Australian sports leagues like the A-League, NRL, AFL, and the NBL.

But, in comparison to the popular Australian leagues, America is one market that has huge potential for bettors because of the sheer number of games that are being played each week.

Look at it this way:

  • The National Football League (NFL) has 256 games per season
  • The National Hockey League (NHL) has 1230 games per season
  • The National Basketball Association (NBA) has 1230 games per season
  • Major League Baseball (MLB) has a 162 game schedule, meaning 2430 games per season


Compare the above figures with the leagues in Australia, we have:


It is easy to see that expanding your comfort zone to include the American sports leagues can be very lucrative –plus in Australia, punters can bet on sports worldwide thanks to the gambling-friendly legislation.

What is also interesting for the American sports leagues is that analysts provide comprehensive stats and match-ups information.

This data comes in very handy because, with online sports betting, there are a variety of markets to place wagers with this information coming in very handy.

The MLB is a tricky sport to bet on because of this, the game is very player focused rather than being a team-based sport. So, while punters can bet on a variety of player stats, a slump in player form can place a big shift in your returns and also means you need to pay extra attention to analyzing match-ups.


Five Profitable Sports For Australians To Bet On

The beauty of Aussie sports is there is always something going on, meaning punters can bet all year round.

Check out the following markets for easy-to-bet sports, which are very welcoming for beginners.

Australian Football League

AFL betting in AustraliaThis one is a no-brainer for many Aussies, purely because the game is so popular, provided you live in the south-east states.

For punters with a solid knowledge of the AFL and who understand the ins-and-outs of the game, betting on the AFL is a good starting point.


The world game has unbelievably huge markets worldwide.

It’s a hate-it-or-love-it game, but the markets don’t lie. Betting on football (or soccer for some) is less technical so an easy entry point for sports bettors.

Basketball – NBA and NBL

Basketball is surging in popularity largely thanks to the massive personalities in the game, and the accessibility for fans to connect to their lives through social media.

For punters, Basketball is fast-paced which makes the game easy to get into and the simple rules are a punters dream.

Make full use of the NBA and Australia’s NBL for a significant number of games to bet on, but do some research into the star players on teams and check out the recent events for teams as the potential for upsets is high in these two leagues.

For advanced bettors, consider checking out the NCAA College scene in America, which is extremely popular, however, not too beginner-friendly given players are coming out of high-school, which means reputable information can be less accessible.

National Rugby League

Much the same as the footy chances are if you aren’t mad keen for AFL then you will be heavily involved with NRL.

For punters with sound knowledge of the biff and NRL, it would be best to stick close to home and start with following your hometown league team.

Baseball – MLB and ABL

Baseball in America is massive.

Odds for the MLB are very lucrative which can make a decent profit if done right, however, the large volume of games may cause punter exhaustion!

While the MLB season runs from March to October, the Australian baseball league will keep you busy in the off-season, with the ABL running from late November to early February.

We recommend punters who are just starting out with baseball to consider starting out by focusing on just one league – i.e. either the American League or the National League for the MLB. This will reduce the number of games and teams significantly because each league has 15 teams.

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