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ufc logoThe Ultimate Fighting Championship is one of the most important MMA (mixed martial arts) promotion companies in the world. It’s so popular that people often call the sport itself by this name. Many bookies offer a separate category for UFC fights, and Aussies enjoy placing bets on popular events related to this sport.

The UFC features the highest-level competitors in its roster. Simply put, almost every UFC match is exciting, creating millions of fans around the world, including Australia. Since it’s very successful at promoting fighting events, the UFC makes a spectacle out of every fight, and punters worldwide enjoy placing wagers with the help of the bookies that offer this kind of betting.


If you’re from Australia and want to start wagering on UFC fights, you’re on the right page. This guide will teach you all you need to know about UFC betting. We’ve also selected and compared some of the best bookies in the land down under that offer the most competitive odds for UFC punters.

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UFC Odds and Betting Markets Compared

We’ve decided to compare the odds and betting markets from several different bookies that offer their services to Australian players and determine which one is the best for those punters who want to place bets on the popular fighting sport. We have narrowed down our selection to several options that we consider the best at the moment — Ladbrokes, Sportsbet, Neds, PlayUp, PalmerBet, and Bet365. In this article, we will compare their odds and markets and list the top three betting sites for Australians.

To compare them, we will use one of the upcoming UFC events — the UFC Vegas 24: Whittaker vs Gastelum. Since there are several fights taking place, we’ll just focus on the main event, in which Robert Whittaker will fight Kelvin Gastelum.UFC on ESPN 22 breakdown: Potential chaos in Whittaker vs. Gastelum

First of all, let’s compare odds from different bookies. Please take into account that the odds have been taken at the same time and that there might have been some subsequent changes. Still, this should give you a nice overview of the overall competitiveness of odds from the featured bookies.


  • Ladbrokes — 1.35 on Whittaker and 3.15 on Gastelum

  • Sportsbet — 1.33 on Whittaker and 3.14 on Gastelum

  • Neds — 1.35 on Whittaker and 3.15 on Gastelum

  • PlayUp — 1.34 on Whittaker and 3.25 on Gastelum

  • PalmerBet — 1.37 on Whittaker and 3.12 on Gastelum

  • Bet365 — 1.36 on Whittaker and 3.25 on Gastelum

As you can see, all platforms offer decent odds, and the only one with slightly less competitive ones is Sportsbet. On the other hand, Bet365 offers the best odds at the moment. 


However, when choosing the best UFC betting platform, you should also pay attention to the number of betting markets available.

  • Ladbrokes — 19 markets
  • Sportsbet — 6 markets
  • Neds — 19 markets
  • PlayUp — 2 markets
  • PalmerBet — 20 markets
  • Bet365 — 5 markets

PalmerBet, Neds, and Ladbrokes offer the most betting options for UFC lovers, judging by the number of markets present. So, it’s safe to say that those are also the three best options if you want to place wagers on the UFC.

Therefore, the three best UFC betting sites for Aussie punters are:

Ladbrokes 400x400 1 UFC


palmer bet


How Did We Choose the Best Bookies for UFC Betting?

Coming up with the best bookies for UFC wagering wasn’t an easy job. Analysing odds and betting markets was just a small part of the work we had to do.First of all, we made sure to do a background check of every bookie that offers UFC wagering to Aussie punters in order to determine whether they are safe and legal. All of the bookies featured in this article are licensed by an official regulatory body and include top-notch security systems to provide maximum protection for all of their users.

Moreover, we paid attention to the user interface and functionality. It’s no secret that some bookmakers feel cluttered and can scare off newbies who want to place bets. Therefore, we carefully examined the mobile and desktop interface of every platform we reviewed and rated their functionality and ease of access, leaving only those that passed this test.


Almost all online bookies offer bonuses and promotions to new and regular customers. These are used to improve your overall experience and kickstart your wagering journey. That is why we took bonuses into account as well and compared them.


Finally, we made sure that all platforms featured on this page are Aussie-friendly, meaning they offer Australia-friendly payment methods and offer sports (other than the UFC) that are popular in the land down under.

Types of UFC Betting Markets

Let’s take a look at the betting markets related to UFC betting.

So far, we’ve been talking about the match result bet (also referred to as moneyline bet in some English-speaking countries). This is the most popular betting market, and it’s present in all sports. All you have to do is place a wager on the competitor you think will win.


For instance, if you think that Whittaker will win and you place a $100 bet in, say, Ladbrokes, you’ll receive $135 in return. In other words, you’ll make $35. This is a safe bet, as Whittaker is considered a clear favourite according to the bookies. On the other hand, if you think there’s a chance for Gastelum to win in the fight, you could get $315 for a $100 bet.

You get to choose how the fight will end. There are three options: KO/TKO (knockout/technical knockout), points, or submission. The odds are usually the lowest for points if the two opponents are somewhat equal. However, if one is much more dominant than the other, then KO/TKO is likely to happen.


Many online bookies will offer you to choose a winner, as well as the method of victory. For example, you can place a wager that Whittaker will win by KO/TKO and get rewarded if the fight ends the way you’ve predicted.

There are all kinds of possibilities when it comes to round betting. Some bets are as simple as guessing the round in which the fight will end. However, many bookies offer additional options. For instance, you can bet that Robert Whittaker will win in the fourth round and get paid if that happens.


Round betting isn’t easy, as you need to understand the sport well. Truth be told, you also need to have Lady Luck by your side when making such bets. Still, even though the odds may be against you, the payout is usually worth taking a risk.

One of the popular types of round betting is the number of rounds in the fight. For example, you can bet that the fight will end in the third round.

If you’re really up for a challenge, you can combine the method of victory with some of the round bets. For example, you can place a bet that Whittaker is going to win by KO/TKO in the fifth round. Payouts for this type of wagers are huge. Ladbrokes offers the odds of 23.00 if you get that one right, meaning you’ll win $2,300 for a $100 bet.

Double chance is a safe bet. You get to bet on two out of three possible methods of victory. For instance, you can bet that Whittaker will win by KO/TKO or points, meaning you’ll lose in the event of Whittaker losing or winning by submission.

Finally, there are all kinds of propositions you can support with a bet. Naturally, if they turn out to be true, you will get paid. However, if you’re new to the world of UFC wagering, we suggest that you start with simple bets such as match betting or the method of victory.

UFC Events and Organization

The Ultimate Fighting Championship features several different types of events that follow different formats. We’lll provide a quick overview of them all.


  • Numbered events are the most popular type of UFC events. These are usually available on pay-per-view, but there might be some exceptions.
  • UFC on ABC are the fights that you can watch on ABC.
  • UFC on ESPN are all events that are aired on ESPN.
  • UFC on FOX was formerly aired on Fox.
  • Fight Night events are the most popular after the numbered events and are currently aired on ESPN+.
  • The Ultimate Fighter Finale landed on several channels, including Spike, Fox Sports, and UFC Fight Pass.
  • UFC on FX was also aired on FX.
  • UFC on Fuel TV used to air on Fuel TV.
  • UFC live was aired Versus.


UFC rules were created by the New Jersey Athletic Control Board and were subsequently adopted in many other states, including California, Louisiana, and Nevada. Almost every major UFC fight is a part of an event that includes several non-main event bouts, which usually last shorter.