Australia's Best No Deposit Bonus Codes

One of the most lucrative ways for Australian online casinos to convince players into registering with their online casino is through perks like no deposit bonus codes. These bonus codes are an incentive for players to join and require absolutely no commitment from the player to get started. These promotions are very popular amongst Australian casino players.

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Online casino industry is very competitive and there has never been the number of options for players as there currently is. One of the most lucrative ways for Australian online casinos to convince players into registering with their online casino is through perks like no deposit bonus codes. 

Simply put, the casino gives players real money to use at their online casino without the need for a deposit by the player. Now, obviously, you’d be a boofhead if you thought there would be no restrictions when it comes to claiming these offers. Most of the no deposit bonus codes are covered by certain terms and conditions, which can make all the difference between a player claiming a great value no deposit bonus code and being caught out with a bonus offering any stuff at all.

Regardless of these potential terms and conditions undermining the no deposit bonus code offers, they are still extremely popular with players. The thing players need to think about is checking the terms and conditions – which they should always be doing when playing Australian online casinos in 2020. Read on, as this page will give you a complete rundown of all Australian casino no deposit bonuses, including how they work, what types of no deposit bonuses are available and what needs to be checked before claiming. We even set out a list of our experts recommended no deposit bonus codes and casinos for players to check out.

Types of No Deposit Casino Bonuses

These no deposit casino bonuses come in the form of a small ‘donation,’ usually in an amount of say $20 to $35, to entice the player to get back into the swing of online casino gaming or to join if they have looked but still yet to try.


Players love these offers because they do not require any effort from the player and to a degree, these results in getting free cash. It is common for players to receive these no deposit bonuses in circumstances where it has been a while since you last played at an online casino. If this sounds like you, we would bet some money that you could expect one of these no deposit bonus codes hitting your email soon!

Casinos also offer these bonuses to players as a way for marketing their latest games.

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No Deposit Free Spins Bonus

In the current Australian online casino market, the no deposit free spins bonus has become the go-to, or main bonus players are flocking without second-guessing. Online casinos love to push their no deposit free spins bonuses because it gets players online and making bets right away. The best no deposit free spins bonus codes allow online casinos to be more generous because the house edge on pokies is much higher.


A typical no deposit free spins bonus will offer players free spins, usually between 30 and 50, for certain online pokies or a collection of pokies that the casino is marketing and pushing hard at the time. When players begin to accrue winnings with their free spins, these can become bonus cash and thanks to the chance at hitting the jackpot on the pokies, and players do have a chance to get lucky and win some real money.

How No Deposit Casino Bonuses Work

No deposit bonus codes in 2021 are straightforward. They are used for one purpose, which is to entice players to sign up for a player account with an online casino. The no deposit casino bonus codes are a free offering by casinos which is best thought of as a free bar at a bar. The free beer is your taste tester to see if you like the bar enough to spend real money.


Claiming no deposit bonus codes is easy. Follow the steps through creating a player account and verify your details via email or SMS. Once your account is verified, your no deposit bonus cash will be visible in your player account and ready for use!


Although no deposit bonus casino codes seem very straightforward, there are quite a few tedious components that players need to be aware of. These components make no deposit bonuses viable for online casinos to offer players; if it were not for these strict guidelines, the casinos would just be handing over cash to players. Online casinos set certain limitations around their no deposit casino bonuses by implementing rules in the terms and conditions that can cover maximum withdrawal limits, requirements around wagering before making a withdrawal, and specific games to use with the bonus. Don’t stress, though, as we explain each of these components in detail, so you never get caught out by misleading no deposit casino bonuses.

Understanding Bonus Terms and Conditions

It is important that players always check the terms and conditions for any bonus or promotion that they intend on claiming. These terms and conditions always include the list of ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ for the no deposit bonus. We really cannot stress enough just how important it is to take the time to review the terms and conditions first. Regardless of how great the no deposit bonus seems; the terms and conditions will always have some interesting rule that can limit your potential cash out.


In Australia, the online casino no deposit bonus codes are the biggest drawcard for players, as they can provide players with big cash-out potential. The risk of these bonuses is that the player may ‘waste’ time and bonus cash by not sticking to the requirements of the bonus. All is not lost though, as players can stay on top against the online casino by becoming a guru and understanding the bonus terms and conditions first and playing to the rules.

On your path to becoming a guru, here is a quick run-through of 4 very important terms and conditions that players need to know.

Multiple Accounts Not Allowed

Players like to try and pull a fast one over the online casinos. The casino terms and conditions almost always state that players can only obtain each online casino no deposit bonus code once. If you try and be shifty with an online casino and open multiple accounts, you will just about always get caught out.

Once the online casino has busted you, then you will risk losing your bonus, any winnings you have already earned. In many circumstances, the casino will ban your player account, and any cash in your account will be surrendered to the online casino.

Time Limits

This one is always overlooked by players and very important to check, as many no deposit bonus codes will have a specific period to play and meet the wagering requirements. If the no deposit bonus’ time limit expires and you have not met any wagering requirements, you will lose all your winnings from your bonus, including the bonus amount itself.

Eligible Games

When it comes to the best no deposit bonus codes, not all games are considered equal in the eyes of an online casino. In many promotions, the differentiation between an eligible game is usually kept to online casino games with lower player odds like the pokies or keno.


If you are not already sure what an eligible game is for wagering with your no deposit bonus real money, check out the terms and conditions for the promotion. These eligible games (if any) are listed in the terms and conditions. Make sure to always play on games that are eligible for your no deposit bonus, as you can risk losing your no deposit bonus and the winnings you have earned if you continue to play ineligible games.

Maximum Payout Withdrawals

Online casinos hate paying out to players and always have themselves covered when it comes to players cashing out – just like insurance companies try and find any loophole to get out of paying out to their customers. So that online casinos can avoid exposure to big payouts to lucky players. Every online casino sets a maximum cash-out amount clause in the terms and conditions of their no-deposit bonus and no-deposit free spin promotions. The meaning of this is obvious; online casinos place a limit on the total amount of real money that can be cashed out from the winnings earned when using no deposit bonus money or no deposit free spin promotions.


If players are lucky enough to turn a small no deposit bonus into thousands of dollars and you meet the wagering requirements (which we explain all about next), the maximum withdrawal amount is capped as per the terms and conditions, and your excess winnings will be removed from the players’ account.

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Bonuses wagering requirements

We kept this no deposit bonus code rule separate as we consider it to be the most important of all rules that you will find in the terms and conditions for no deposit bonuses.


We have repeated time and time that online casinos don’t like to give away free cash; it is naïve to think that the world works this way! Now, when it comes to Australian no deposit bonus codes, they will all come with wagering requirements, which are the rules that cover the minimum times that players must bet with their no deposit bonus cash. These wagering requirements are what make a player eligible to cash out from their no deposit bonus, therefore showing what the true value of an online casino bonus is.


Read on, and we will explain how the concept of minimum wagering requirements affects your no deposit bonus codes; the wagering percentages for specific games played are covered in our next topic about varying casino game weightings for no deposit bonuses.

The factors that make up the wagering requirements for a no deposit casino bonus are:

The wagering requirement for the minimum amount that the player needs to have bet with the bonus

The wagering percentage of specific games that need to be played when meeting the wagering requirement

Minimum Play Through Requirements

Through our experience, the minimum play through for wagering requirements varies from one bonus to another, with each casino also having differences in requirements. The wagering requirements of no deposit bonuses are a set of rules that you will find in the terms and conditions, which strictly set out how much must be bet by players before any cash within a no deposit bonus can be cashed out.


These requirements are put in place to ensure that players make an appropriate dollar amount of bets before they can walk out with their money. We find that the wagering requirements (on average) at Australian online casinos for no deposit bonuses were between 30 to 35 times the bonus amount. However, this does not mean that players can’t find great value bonuses offering much lower or higher wagering requirements.


We can explain the wagering requirements best by using an example of a fictitious Australian mobile casino with no deposit bonus. So, after checking out our recommended list of casino bonuses, a player claims a $10 no deposit bonus which comes with a minimum of 30 times the wagering requirement. This means that for the player to be eligible for cashing out any money they earn from the no deposit bonus – they must have bet 30 times the bonus amount. 


Therefore, the player needs to bet the $10 bonus 30 times – a total of $350 must be bet in any combination of bets, as long as $350 has been bet in total.

Putting this into context, a $10 no deposit bonus generally will not get you far as you would likely lose the $10 before you have bet $350 unless you are fortunate and hit the jackpot. Our experts consider the no deposit bonus promotions as more of a way to enjoy playing online casino games for free, with a chance at hitting the jackpot rather than purely to make some easy cash.

No Deposit Bonus Game Weightings

We have covered the wagering requirements, and now the other aspect of the rules behind no deposit bonus codes: the game weightings. Otherwise known as the percentage of certain games that must be played before players can be eligible to cash out their winnings.

To wrap your head around, these game weightings are used by Australian online casinos in 2021 to both promote varying games at the casino and to ensure that certain online casino games – generally ones with higher house edge- are contributing to the wagering requirements.


A great example of where game weights affect the way players would bet with no deposit bonuses can be seen when comparing the use of the bonus cash in popular table games like roulette or blackjack where the house edge is low, in comparison to online casino games like the pokies or keno, which have a much higher house edge. Players are affected by these game weightings by being limited from playing certain games that are beneficial to player’s wins, like blackjack for the wagering requirement. These table games will contribute either a meager percentage or no percentage, meaning every bet does not chip away at the requirement. In most instances, the higher percentage games are those with high house edge like the pokies. 


An easy way to look at wagering percentages is that the games that rely on luck to win have much higher percentages than games that require skill to dominate the house edge.

Game weightings can also affect when an online casino wants to expose players to a specific game. These weightings are not as problematic for players, as it usually is a case of the casino wanting to market-specific pokies that may be new to the casino or have harder features.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to deciding whether no deposit bonuses are worthwhile to players, it is hard to go past the understanding that making decent money with no deposit bonuses is quite a difficult task. However, as our experts note, it is arguable whether making real money from this type of bonus is the actual goal. Australian online casinos provide players with these bonuses as a way of enticing players to register. They also do this to test out new online casino games without risking their own cash or bringing anything in, i.e. no deposit. Players can certainly hit a lucky streak and make some good winnings, but this should be considered a sweet perk.


Players should always consider the terms and conditions for a bonus before claiming any online casino bonus. This is a good habit to get into as, over time, it will become a great trait for avoiding dodgy online casinos. Furthermore, checking out our comprehensive online casino bonus reviews and our experts’ list of recommended online casinos in Australia will always help point both seasoned players and new players in the right direction for online casino gaming in Australia.

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