How and Why to Use Max Bet at Online Casinos

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Playing online casino games like the pokies can be a grouse experience for players, especially when winning. 

So imagine this: you are playing the pokies and suddenly you win big. But then you find out that your winnings are significantly lower than they should be. This sounds like a nightmare for most casino goers! 

Maybe you were even checking the slot volatility or using these simple pokie cheat methods to help improve your chances of winning. 

What could cause you to cash out less?

Well, it all has to do with the maximum bet and maximum line options when playing the online pokies. 

We are going to explain to you how and why to use max bets at online casinos. 

But before we start, it is worth noting that players should not get this confused with the maximum bet rule that many online casinos include in their terms and conditions. If you are not familiar with this rule, don’t worry; we will explain shortly. 

What Is a Max Bet?

When we talk about max bets with the pokies, we are referring to playing the maximum possible stake. 

This is a strategy that many players use because it provides an opportunity to get the maximum winnings. Also, some jackpots are gated behind a paywall which requires the maximum amount to be wagered in order to even have a chance at these huge jackpots.

In terms of the pokies, it is common for casino slot games to include a max bet button.

This is where players like you can easily slip up and instantly make a bet that is over the alternative maximum bet rule; this could mean bad news for your bankroll management.

So, What Is the Maximum Bet Rule?

The maximum bet rule is a rule that online casinos include in their terms and conditions to place a limit on how big of a bet that players can place.

These limits are most common when playing online pokies, and although it might sound a little confusing as to why casinos would place a cap on how much players can bet, it isn’t that simple.

A max bet rule is a line in the sand when it comes to using bonus cash.

Online casinos love this rule as it is a natural ‘out’ for them to decline a player’s withdrawal request. If players bet over this maximum bet amount using bonus cash then they’re violating the casino’s terms and conditions – therefore grounds for voiding winnings.

While it might seem unfair, casinos are businesses too. This is a way for them to protect their business from someone betting very large with the casino’s money or bonus cash and scoring a massive jackpot that could bankrupt the casino.

It is not exactly player-friendly, but players can’t cry foul, as all players should be reading the terms and conditions before playing.

What Does the Max Bet Do for My Winnings?

The maximum bet will cause your payouts to always return the highest possible winning amount.

For example, if a payout on the pokies is 500 times your bet and you bet the max of ten coins, then your win will be the equivalent of 5,000 coins. However, if your bet were only for three coins, then your gain would be considerably lower at just 1,500 coins.

How Does a Max Bet Work With Online Slots?

As you have learned, a max bet is the highest number of lines and coins.

So for online slots, using the max bet function will instantly place a bet for the maximum amount. This means the spin will include the maximum number of lines – meaning you will win on every possible chance (consider this a requirement) – plus the maximum coins per line, giving you the maximum payout possible.

How Do I Use a Max Bet With Online Pokies?

First, it is essential to review the terms and conditions of your online casino to see if any max bet rules are in place.

Now you are ready to use the max bet button with ease. 

If you do not want (or are not able to afford) the maximum bet but still want the best possible chance of winning, then we recommend always lowering the number of coins while keeping the maximum number of lines.

We hope this tip helps you maximise your winnings and further enjoy your time playing the pokies. 

Good luck! And remember, always read the fine print!

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