Most Common Mistakes Committed by Video Poker Players

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Video poker is undoubtedly an exciting game, but going full steam ahead without knowing what you are doing can lead to problems. Video poker players often play without taking advantage of the game or do not understand what they are doing wrong. 

Here you will find everything you need to get ahead (and stay ahead) with this much-loved casino game. Continue reading as we share our list of the most common mistakes committed by video poker players.

Forgetting to Use Your Player Card

Whether you choose to play online or at your local casino, there will always be a slot club or casino players card program to join. 

The VIP programs are passive for online video poker players, whereas your local casino will make these clubs easy to join. 

When playing poker online, it is crucial to use your player card because of the plentiful rewards and promos you earn through your membership and loyalty. 

This helps soften the blow if you are in a losing streak.

Not Sticking to Your Limits

It is the most important rule in the book (unwritten), yet the most commonly broken.

Set yourself a limit for:

  • how long you will play; 
  • how much you can realistically afford to lose; 
  • how much you are looking to win, if any;
  • how high your bets will be.

These limits are important to reduce your chances of falling into a hole and maintaining responsible gambling practices.

Remember to avoid mistakes by playing smartly with your bankroll and limits.

If you can do this properly, then you will be able to play again. Fail to do so, and it is unlikely you will be able to afford to come back.

Play Optimal Video Poker Strategy and Check Paytables

Success in playing a casino game like video poker hinges on whether or not you are playing with optimal strategy. If you are not, it can often result in terrible plays and losses.

However, understand that not all poker strategies are plausible for every game variant.

Don’t make the common mistake that many video poker players make and use strategies that are targetted for particular video poker variants.

If you are starting out with a new strategy, don’t be foolish and think you are too smart for a strategy card or chart. Please bring it with you to the casino; there is nothing wrong with being prepared.

On top of all this, be sure to check the paytable before you play, as the game that you’re playing may not suit your strategy— causing you to be playing for the second or third best payout instead of the best option.

When in doubt, paytable out!

Practice Before Playing Real Money Video Poker Games

This common mistake is just silly.

No doubt you have heard this saying many times before: practice makes perfect. 

They weren’t wrong; practising makes perfect with many aspects of life, and the same goes for playing real money video poker.

Before you play with real money and commit your bankroll, make sure that you fully understand the game. Please take advantage of playing free video poker games at some of the best online casinos; and lucky for you, we have a list of the best casinos for Aussies.

If you are still struggling with learning the game, please check out our video poker guide.

Don’t Mix Alcohol with Your Bankroll

You wouldn’t drink and drive, so you shouldn’t drink and place bets with your bankroll!

Alcoholic beverages, while enjoyable in a social setting for many Aussies, are detrimental to your brain’s capacity to play to an optimal standard.

Playing video poker is all about concentration and making the optimal choice given the provided options.

We recommend putting the grog down and enjoying your casino gambling. Have a drink (in moderation) when you are done. Yes, it is easier said than done, but this should be a habit you get into.

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