How To Withdraw Money From An Online Casino

You’ve just hit big on the slots or the poker table, and it’s time to cash out. Your mind is shifting between buying your significant other a fantastic gift, a new watch on your wrist, or even a new cool car.

Now you’re stuck at the withdrawal page. You can’t get your money. The problem? Most likely, it’s the verification of your identity. If the online casinos aren’t 100 per cent certain you are who you say you are; they have ways to cancel your payout pending more verification. 

Don’t give the online casinos any reason to decline your withdrawal. Make sure you submit verification items as soon as you sign up for a new site and don’t make this simple easy mistake. 

5 steps when requesting a withdraw from an Online casino

  1. Log into your account 
  2. Go to cashier
  3. Click on withdraw  
  4. Input the amount you wish to take out
  5. Select the payment method you used to deposit (unless you have been told other wise)

How Do You Get Verified? 

We won’t sugar coat it, the process behind getting verified is a drag. It’s like filling out paperwork at Centrelink. They’ll either lose your documents, fail to open your email, or simply nitpick every possible minor discrepancy.

Good news is that verifying yourself isn’t difficult outside of the potential inconvenience. You’ll need to provide three pieces of information. This is the same for all casinos.


  • Proof of payment:You must verify that the payment method is your own and this can easily be verified via credit or debit card, a screenshot of a Neteller or Skrill account with full details showing, or bank account statement showing your name.
  • The standard proof of identity:Documents proving your age and identity may include a passport, current driver licence, 18+ card, or a birth certificate with an accompanying photo of you holding it.
  • The standard proof of address: May include a utility bill, bank statement, council rates, lease agreement with three months of rent receipts, or your home or car insurance certificate.

Submit this verification to your online casino of choice, and once you are confirmed, they will have no choice but to allow you to withdraw the money that is legally yours at any time you choose. If an online casino is giving you any trouble with your payout, contact 5 Star Pokies, and we’ll help you.

Why do Casinos need this information:

  • To make sure you’re legally allowed to gamble (over the minimum age limit).
  • To make sure that consumers are protected from fraudulent use of cards, bank accounts, and other payment methods. 
  • To make sure that gamblers with a history of problems are prohibited from opening new accounts (self-excluded players looking for a workaround).

Online casinos often have amazing signup bonuses. If you are not verified, these casinos will often neglect to give you these bonuses as they are unsure of who you are.

The best way to combat slow payouts is to verify yourself as soon as you sign up for the new site. Additionally, if you are using a debit or credit card, make sure there are no problems with your bank, as some banks flag online casino charges as fraudulent. Bitcoin is an excellent alternative to traditional payment methods.

Casinos can make payments slow and delay output to even the most vigilant players. Unscrupulous online casinos will delay identity verification and take away your casino bonuses if you do not sign up correctly. This is because online casinos have better games and higher payouts than the brick-and-mortar casinos such as Crown. 

We’re here to help. 5 Star Pokies is on your side. We’re the middlemen between you and Australian online casinos. We have much experience dealing directly with customer complaints and helping alleviate frustrations due to slow payouts. Make sure you register on our site, and we’ll help you with all your online casino needs. We’ll work together to find a solution.  If you have any comments tips you would like to share please do so in the comments section below. 

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