Four of Melbourne’s Best Bingo Hall Experiences

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What a time to be alive for Aussie bingo lovers across Australia. Online casinos (like the best ones that we recommend) which let players enjoy online bingo have reduced the participation numbers at most bingo halls over the past few years.

But we can excitedly say: bingo is making a comeback! Clubs and hotels are increasing their bingo hall promotions, and the added popularity surge of the new age bingo party experience for millennials is bringing eyes back to bingo! We put together a shortlist featuring four of Melbourne’s best bingo hall experiences for players of all backgrounds.

Where is Melbourne’s best bingo experience?

Melbourne’s bingo hall community is alive and well, with popularity seemingly increasing every week – check out four of Melbourne’s best bingo hall experiences:

West Side Bingo

High-quality bingo in a friendly and inviting atmosphere, West Side Bingo is not just an excellent bingo hall for players looking to enjoy the company of others while socialising – they also have a vast variety of promotions and bonuses for each of their sessions every day and night.

The bingo jackpots are big, and there are plenty of them on offer each week. Their smaller games have quite decent winnings too, which will make steady wins very worthwhile.

Carrum Gardens Bingo Centre

The Carrum Gardens Bingo Centre has built a significant following in the Carrum Downs community as a great place for people to come together and share their love of bingo.

This bingo hall has been running since the early 1990s and is family owned and operated – they are a big part of their community, having contributed millions to local schools, community, and sporting groups over the years.

As they are one of the biggest dedicated bingo halls in the Melbourne area, they offer well over $70,000 in prize money each week! They even have electronic bingo devices to use.

Carrum Gardens keep their Facebook page frequently updated as well as their website so bingo lovers will never miss a beat.

Fountain Gate Bingo

Fountain Gate Bingo is one of the leading Melbourne bingo halls because they focus on bringing their members together in a social venue that provides a safe, fun, and friendly environment. The bingo hall has a real sense of family, and their management are always looking to give their members better value for money.

Over $100,000 is available to be won every week, and they even boast the best odds of any form of gaming. Don’t miss out on any of the fun at Fountain Gate Bingo, they keep their Facebook page updated with their latest promotions.

This is one of the great Melbourne bingo halls that you could head out together with some friends to enjoy a laid back night. They have plenty of promotional and theme nights every week which include big jackpot winnings.

The Palms

The Palms is a premier entertainment venue which offers a rewarding bingo hall experience for Melbournites. Players can enjoy their massive hall, which is always kept tidy and has modern furniture and fittings.

After your big win at The Palms Bingo, players can head on over and grab a tasty chicken parma that players won’t stop talking about!

Benefits of playing at Melbourne’s bingo halls

While the clubs and hotels that offer bingo in Melbourne will vary in the level of facilities, they generally have the same overall benefits, which means all players need to do is find out which benefits of playing at Melbourne bingo halls match what they enjoy.

Big Bingo Jackpots

Throughout most of Melbourne’s bingo halls, players will find big bingo jackpots available during most sessions. At the very least, there will likely be one massive jackpot to go with the smaller winnings purse.

This will also be the case during the much quieter daytime sessions during weekdays.

Next time you head in to get your bingo on, check the sessions and jackpot listings because you can buy as many tickets as you like for every bingo game played. So, take note of the big jackpot games and treat yourself to some extra tickets for the added chance to win.


Melbourne is a vastly cultural city which offers just about everything you could think of, from all over the world. The same is said for the people of Melbourne, and with this cultural community, the local bingo hall is one of the best places to meet and hang out with people from all over the world.

Open your comfort levels and say g’day to someone at your local bingo hall. For players that love to socialize, the big promotional jackpot bingo events are some of the best places to catch up and make new friends.

Plus, afterwards, you can grab something to eat or drink at the entertainment meccas that these clubs and hotels provide.

Food and drinks

In the modern-day, clubs and hotels that let players enjoy bingo in Melbourne also have a host of other benefits – one of which is being able to grab a decent meal or catch up for a lazy drink with friends, or quietly by yourself when the time calls for it!

Nothing beats a simple pub meal down at the local! Whether it’s because the food is cheap, or just because its stuff that everyday people eat – the quality at the local can always be counted on. It’s like an unwritten community rule or something.

Members (which you would need to be to play bingo) also get cheaper food and drinks at the club, so be sure to have your membership card handy when ordering!

Low ticket prices

Players are often quite surprised at how cheap the bingo ticket prices are. So players that have a steady amount of cash ready can get settled in for a long day or night of the best bingo hall experiences – and hopefully some wins!

But remember, bingo doesn’t discriminate.

Players that may be short on their bingo bankroll this week can still purchase some tickets (or even a book of tickets) at a discounted amount, which would likely keep you in the running for a jackpot during a full session.

Be a part of bingo’s resurgence and head down to your local community bingo hall and enjoy the atmosphere and character that creates the best bingo Melbourne has seen. If you do not have a bingo hall near you, play online bingo at one of our recommended online casinos.

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