The Top Five TV Show Locations in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is a vibrant city filled with a razzmatazz of a thriving and equally entertaining show biz industry. The Vegas scene provides a thrilling and conducive atmosphere for staging many famous works of popular culture. One aspect of popular culture that finds a successful footing in the vibrant, entertaining, and the welcoming Vegas sphere are T.V. shows. Numerous successful television shows shot in the streets, theatre halls and art centers set up in Las Vegas.

Many factors make Las Vegas the ultimate location for television directors and producers looking to shoot T.V. shows. The Vegas scenery is picturesque, with a fantastic and conducive atmosphere in tow. Various natural features, including hills, mountains, rivers, and natural vegetation are a significant attraction for T.V. shows shoots. Many attractive sites that include five-star hotels, museums, and restaurants also make it possible for setting up T.V. shows. Las Vegas has an enabling infrastructure that is essential in the creation of content for movies, film, and T.V. shows. Government policies in Las Vegas are an enabling factor for the thriving of the live motion and film industry.

Vegas has featured some of the most highly rated and most-watched T.V. shows with a global following. The factors in Las Vegas, conducive in promoting the entertainment scene continue to push the city to the echelons of the vibrant industry. Las Vegas is arguably one of the most sorts after location for T.V. shows set-up in the United States.

This feature brings to fore some of the most popular T.V. shows shot in the sprawling Sin City and their locations. Below are the top five T.V. shows in Las Vegas and their location, although not listed in any particular order;

Crime Scene Investigations (CSI)

CSI is arguably one of the most-watched and liked T.V. shows with a global following. CSI is a crime and drama T.V. series with a captivating and enticing setting that gets viewers glued to their screens.

The CSI productions appear as a T.V. series. The first production of the thrilling T.V. series came forth in 2000, with the inaugural CSI: Las Vegas. The first show was a hit, creating the space for the production of successive shows. Following the success of CSI: Las Vegas, CSI: Miami and CSI: N.Y. followed suit, a massive and impressive spin-off.

Some of the notable T.V. stars featured in the inaugural CSI: Las Vegas include; Elisabeth Shue, William Peterson, Ted Danson, and Laurence Fishburne. By highlighting some of the entertainment industries big shots, the show attracted a massive following resulting in impressive ratings.

The CSI: Experience, the backdrop of the successful T.V. series, sets upon the magnificent MGM Grand. The MGM Grand is one of the most iconic sites in the city of Las Vegas, one of the key attractions.

CSI T.V. series has a massive following from all over the world, and to date, attracts thousands of positive reviews.

Casino Confidential

Las Vegas is renowned the world over for its attractive and larger than life Casino scene. Many people regard Las Vegas as the hub of gambling, with a lively, thriving and a bubbling gaming atmosphere. The reality T.V. show going by the name Casino Confidential sets upon the backdrop of the enticing, thriving, and vibrant gambling industry in Las Vegas.

The captivating T.V. show brings to life behind the scenes happenings at the popular Binion’s Casino, located in Downtown Las Vegas. Featuring in the T.V. shows are the employees of the Casino as they go about their regular yet challenging tasks at their place of work. In the series, enthusiastic gamers feature as they interact with the employees of the Binion’s Casino. The Casino’s popularity also features its tantalizing and mouthwatering meals. The Casino brings back the history of the prestigious Las Vegas scene. The first airing of the successful reality T.V. show aired in 2012.

The show was a massive success and received positive reviews, especially from gamers around the world. Casino Confidential brought to fore the lives of Casino employees and the experience of eccentric characters visiting going through the doors of Binion’s Casino.

Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel

Hard Rock Hotel is one of the most renowned hotels in the United States, and in particular, Las Vegas, with branches in other U.S. states. Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel is a reality T.V. show that was a massive hit in the United States. The successful show follows the lives of employees working at the Rehab pool party located in the Hard Rock Hotel.

The T.V. show aired for three successful seasons before its untimely cancelation. The show started airing in 2008 and received a massive following with attractive reviews from millions of viewers in the United States.

One of the most recognizable figures in the T.V. series includes Matthew Minichino, the Director of Nightlife. Other notable people featured in the series include Sharon Meyers, acting as the Special Events Security Supervisor and a security guard going by the name Jake. Some bar staff and captivating cocktail servers also appear on several episodes of the show.

The show saw tourist numbers increase at the Casino and pool venue, which boosted revenues, morale, and reputation of the Hard Rock Hotel. Although the show later faced challenges in terms of lawsuits and drug stings, it generally was a success before its cancelation.

Pawn Stars

The captivating T.V. show featured on the History Channel and is among the T.V. station’s shining beacons. The first episode of the show appeared in 2009, receiving mixed reviews even as it saw impressive ratings and followings in the United States.

The show is shot at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop located at 713 Blvd S, resulted in the region is an attractive tourist site.

Some of the artists who became mega sensations following the airing of the show include; Corey’ Big Hoss’ Harrison, Rick Harrison, and Austin Chumlee Russell.

The show, currently still in production, continues to receive positive reviews not only in the United States but also across the world.


Since its inception in 2011, Tanked has brought the viewers an insight into the production of customized aquariums. The show has creative content, profiling the daily happenings at Acrylic Tank Manufacturing.

The massive success of the show has seen an increase in the number of visitors at Acrylic Tank Manufacturing headquarters in Las Vegas. The show features brothers-in-law Wayd King and Brett Raymer.

Tanked continues to elicit positive reviews, attracting millions of viewers to follow the creative show. The captivating, creative, and imaginative T.V. shows are as exciting as it is attractive to the viewers. Tanked continues to draw viewers across all age groups and genders, especially with its creative and compelling content.


Some of the greatest T.V. shows ever produced have their origin and setting in Las Vegas. Sin City is arguably the center of attraction for some of the best T.V. series that receives a global following. Many supportive elements set Vegas up on the pedestal as an environment for T.V. series and other creative arts features. The city continues to set standards in the entertainment industry in regards to facilities and climate suitable for the growth of the sector.

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